Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not even one HOHOHO?

Love, peace, joy, selflesness, friendship... Doesnt Santa represent the savior a little bit. Giving all he has to the people of the world, he knows your name, he is watching you. Isnt santa about something better, hope for goodness, hope for love, hope for anything? I thought santa was jolly and said HOHOHO? Doesnt he ask you what you want for christmas, and tell little boys to be good, wait doesnt he talk to litlte boys?

Not the santa in the Rockford Illinois mall.

I wanted Kroten to see santa so bad. And I wanted Jared's family to see it, so we waited till we got to chicago to go see santa. Unfortunitly that meant going the day before christmas eve, isnt that when everyone goes? YES. We (as in Jared's entire family) waited in line for 2 hours. 2 HOURS! We were first in line when santa went to lunch. We had made it this far, so we waited 30 more minutes. FINALLY it was our turn and the lady told me I could take ONE picture. THAT IS PATHETIC. I think they were all mad that I wasnt paying 40 dollars for them to take the picture. YES $40.

We gave santa a peice of candy so Kroten would not cry. This is what Santa did... Gave Kroten the peice of candy and then imediatly smiled at the stupid photographer. When he realized that they were not taking the picture, he just sat there for a second and then gave kroten back. LAME!!!! I am so mad. Not one word to Kroten. Kroten didnt even look at santa. He didn't pull on his beard, he didn't, tell him he wants a kitty for christmas, he didnt even cry. Maybe that is becuase Santa couldn't care less about my son.

We have been teaching kroten that santa says hohoho for like 2 months now and apparently santa cut that out of his act a long time ago. No one told me.

So even though the santa I know and that my son will know is about love, and compassion, giving and sharing. This santa was all about the 40 bucks time 1000 people in line. Sad that christmas has become about that for so much of the world.

But here for your viewing pleasure is my happy Kroten eating his candy not caring at all about the scary man with a beard who doesnt say HOHOHO.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All is well...

We have arrived in Chicago with no complications and NO BUG for me. HALLELUJAH



It was a great flight and pretty uneventful. It was all night, midnight to 8 AM. Kroten had a hard time sleeping but did pretty well for most of the flight. He was in his own seat for the second flight, which was a heaven send.


We have only been here for half a day and already I feel like a new woman. Life was just getting a little stressful back home and I needed the break. I feel like a spoiled brat here, but I will take it. I will start helping out soon, I just needed one day to reboot.

I have already...
Gotten a hand massage (thanks carol)
watched a corny Christmas movie
eaten a wonderful meal that I didn't have to think about cooking
taken a 3 hour nap (much needed after an all night flight)
taken a bath in my mother in laws ginormous covetous bath tub
ate lots of candy
shaved my legs for probably the first time in 2 months
posted on the blog and its not 2 am (AWESOME)

I feel fantastic. And I have two more weeks of vacation. This is a MUCH MUCH MUCH needed break. And I am more than happy to grace my in laws presence with my son. They think the are playing with him, I think it is babysitting. SHH don't tell them.

I am having a blast, I may never go home.

Monday, December 21, 2009

a bug...


This story may be premature, because I am grateful that something has not happened that still has a good 24 hours to take place. I will explain...

A few days ago, my brother came down with a bug, his son contracted the foulness and proceeded to give it to my son, I blame it on the capri suns they were sharing. THANK GOODNESS it was only a 24 hour bug becuase I don't know what we would do with a baby that is throwing up and has a throbbing headache for much more time than that. It was so sad. He cried so hard and he was confused cause he didnt know what was happening to his little body. I was Tired because this is my long weekend to work so my FANTASTIC husband took care of the scene. Jared would hold Kroten over the bathtub and turn as far away as he could while kroten threw up what seemed like everything he ate for the last month.

So kroten got better and not 12 hours later, Jared got sick. He was pittiful for almost exactly 24 hours. I felt so bad becuase I didnt know what to do and I didnt want to get it so I stayed as far away from my pittiful, poor hubby as possible.

So here is the really great part or really scary part you decide. Earlier tonight, there was less than 24 hours left till we had to be at the airport for our trip to chicago, and I still had to work one more night. So I prayed. I prayed hard, that I would not get this bug. I can only imagine being at work with whatever it is and I cannot even comprehend what it would be like to have this horrible bug while on an 8 hour flight across the country. I was so worried.

Ok so now it is 4:46 AM and I am sitting at work over half way through my shift and I don't feel one ounce of the bug coming on. I could cry and shout praises to my Lord. I am so greatful that I have atleast made it through work without the bug. Now I will continue to pray with all my heart that I don't get it for the flight, and that I don't get it on vacation.

I was sitting here reflecting on this WONDERFUL (so far) situation, and I can't help but be so greatful for my Father in Heaven. He watches me and hears my prayers.

7 hours till our flight leaves... that is 7 hours more that I could get it, and 7 hours more of praying in faith.

Ill let you know what happens.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What Color Do I Bleed?


I don't use this blog very often but, I just have to. Plus I would not be surprised if Kristen will take it off once she realizes what I have done.

Living in this college town, even though I don't go to the University of Oregon, it is hard not to get taken in by the excitment all around by the event that will take place on January 1. But on the other hand I spent most of my life growing up in Ohio and became fond of the Scarlet and Gray. So a couple of years ago when it looked like The University of Ohio, who was a shoe in for the National Championship Game and was going to play the Oregon Ducks, I was really excited. But that did not happen and Ohio embarrassed themselves. But now it is on. And I have a delema... I am not sure what team to cheer for.

What color Do I bleed???? How to choose?

I tried the pros and cons. There was nothing good on that list that helped. I just got a book called "The Enlightened Bracketologist: The Final Four of Everything ". This book says to make a bracket of all your choices and norrow it down by selecting some to eliminate,and the one left is the winner. So I tired that but got stuck at the start, with only two choices. After some time I had not made any progress. Looking over any articles of clothing that I have for either team, Ohio took a lead. When Kristen and I were dating she got me an Ohio State hat. And I have worn it for sometime now. So just because I have an Ohio State hat, does this mean that I must cheer for Ohio State On January 1. I did not feel like that was enough. So I went to Youtube videos. Becuase all things can be cured by watching Youtube.

We will start with Ohio State. It was hard to find a great video that was not against Michigan. But I think I did it.

Ohio State University has a lot of tradition behind it. And Kristen's favorite color is Red. That little bit of information if very helpful for this dilemma I am in.

So now lets look at what the Ducks got, besides there "annoying" 50 thousand uniforms possibilities.

Great video, almost pulls anybody to be an Oregon fan right away before they even are thinking about what is happening.

So the question is, again, what color do I bleed? Such a tough choice. Such a tough choice.

Friday, December 18, 2009

since nothing else is exciting...

...I thought I would share this picture and a good laugh with you.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I hate this...

Maybe you remember that I am not a big fan of the winter weather. It has turned super cold here in our valley. Freezing rain, ice, frost, etc. Unfortunitly my job deals directly with replacing the nurses who call in sick for the 7 am shift. This combined with icy roads is not good! YUCK!

I am happy to sit on the couch under a fleece blanket watching house with the two most wonderful boys in the world.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Just a horrible week

2 runny noses
1 sore throat
1 sick baby
1 tooth coming in
4 straight night shifts
0 underground parking spots
1 bottom lip cold sore
11 days till we leave for chicago
8 more christmas presents to buy or finish
1 cell phone not working
3 night of Kroten waking up
1 of us throwing up
30 degree weather
64 degree heater setting
200 dollar phone bill
1 what seems to be just a horrible week!!

And this is just what I needed...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Saturday, December 05, 2009

I think he loves me....

Look closely, you will see what Jared bought for me...


I think it is partly his guilt for loosing the camera, but mostly support in the fact that I really want to contine to develope this skill. I love him so much.

THANKS babe for all your love and support. I OWE YOU!

PS, I have to pay the savings account back. That makes me not feel so guilty about such an AWSOME christmas present.

Now who wants pictures taken???

Friday, December 04, 2009

Ouch... I cried!

Kroten threw a flash light at me.

It wasnt like a rebelious "I am mad at you" type of throw, more like a "oh, I thought it was a ball" kind of throw.

It hit my lip and my tooth. I was bleeding, and I cried!

can you see the owie? It looks and hurts way worse in real life.
{This picture does NO justice}

Monday, November 30, 2009

Deck the halls...

We got our tree and it is fabulous. I LOVE christmas and it takes everything I have to not decorate the day after haloween.I just listen to a few christmas songs and get my fix till thanksgiving. But it is here, CHRISTMAS TIME, and our house is glowing with it.

Photobucket Our happy family on our tree hunt.


PhotobucketWe found the perfect tree, but had to go get the guy to cut it down so this is how we marked it. Isnt she lovely?

Photobucket They gave Kroten a candy cane as we left the tree lot, he was in heaven and now he is addicted. (this is embaressing, but i will tell you anyway) the other day Kroten brought me a candy cane from the tree while I was peeing. He wanted it NOW!







Photobucketif you look closely you can see Jared putting the finishing touches on the tree. He said it looks like santa.

can you tell I am excited.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

little rookie...

This video makes me smile so hard my teeth hurt.
I love my little rookie.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

a not so perfect sunday

Kroten turned 18 months!
That means that he FINALY gets to go into the nursery at church.


You have NO idea what this means to me. He is such a hyper child that sitting through church for three hours is miserable. We usually go to the first hour and struggle through it, our life saver is FOOD. Lots of  food. We generally skip the second hour and trade off for the third hour. Lets just say I would rather be at home. It was super hard and I was literally counting down the days to this wonderful sunday.

It was going to be PERFECT.

but this is what the day ended up being like...


Instead of enjoying sunday school, and maybe learning something for the first time in 18 months, I sat in the nursery and watched my child get beat up by 24 other children. It was nap time, luch time and anything but be in a new place with out mom and dad time, no matter how many cool toys there were. The only time he was happy was when they gave him a snack. But once that was gone, he went right back to where is Mom mode.

I do love him!

Friday, November 27, 2009

I am thankful for...

waking up to this PERFECT sunrise on thanksgiving day.
Isnt life BEAUTIFUL!

Thanksgiving couldnt have come at a more perfect time for me. I have been thinking lately... why would a LOVING and PERFECT God put us, his children,(and more importantly, Kroten this perfect little boy) on this disgusting, cruel and horrifyingly sinful world? But thanksgiving and this beautiful sunrise, brought me back to the things I already know and that I am already gratefulful for, I just needed a timely reminder.

I am grateful for the challenges we have becuase they make us stronger, if this world wasnt horrible and I didnt have trials, I know that I would lean on my own understanding and not the Lords. I am grateful for prayer, and the scriptures and living prophets all of which guide us throught the fifth. I am grateful for feeling the spirit and knowing that God does love me. I am grateful for my WONDERFUL husband and my BEAUTIFUL son (I would have neither of them without living life.) I am greatful we are healthy and have EVERYTHING that we could possibly need and we are so blessed. I hate the cruel things about this world, but I LOVE LIFE.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

he can't get enough

There were these gimongous puddles in the parking lot of our complex, and i know how much Kroten LOVES water, so i let him go stomping. It is so fun to see him fascinated by everything in the world. I love his curiosity. He kept bending over trying to grab whatever was in the reflection.

His love for puddles he got from me, his love for soda is deffinitly his daddy's genes.(don't ask why he is carrying around an empty soda bottle I don't know the answer.)




He wouldnt be a boy if he didnt have dirt on his face, and I wouldnt be a mom if that wasnt bothering me right now.

You can't really see it, but he was very wet.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009


(Editor note: Sorry that some of these and the golden gate pictures are edited and some are not. It is so hard to find time to edit photos and post them. There is so much to be done. This is going to be my new years resolution for 2010, I will not post any pictures without first editing them. Someone please remind me.)

Oh how I love the city. Especially san fransisco. The food, the diversity, the shopping, the food, the views, the people, the bums (not so much) and the food. I LOVED IT.

Jared served his mission for our church in san fransisco, so he gave us the grand tour. I loved every minute of our trip. I wanna go back.



We were in the city on haloween. I loved having Kroten in his costume.
1. becuase he was so cute, I got to enjoy it all day.
2. all the people said "AHHHhhh" all day long.
Jared and Mr. Kroten sitting on a trolly.


Wait, I think I may have misunderstood you, did you say chocolate or pure extacy wraped in a little bit of gold foil? I think you might of said HEAVEN.


Karly is one of those follower people that fell in love with MJ after he died. ACK!! What a nerd!

Ummm, yuck.


"YUCKY YUCKY" is what I would normally say when kroten tries to put something yucky in his mouth.He is deffinitly Jared's son.

PhotobucketWe drove up to coit tower at night. too bad they need to trim back the bushes. you can't see the city like your supposed too.

Don't hate me becuase my kids wears a leash!
As we were about 30 minutes from the city, my dad tells us of the dream that he had the night before. He said that we were all looking at something and when we turned around, KROTEN WAS GONE!!! he said that a bum had kidnapped Kroten. I insisted we pull over IMEDEATLY at the target and get a baby leash. It was a heavensend, becuase Kroten insists on walking everywhere. We named the doggy fransisco, in memorey of our great trip. It is now one of kroten's favorite pals.

a little bit of an odd shot, but i LOVE it.

PhotobucketMMM. Origianal SF sourdough bread.

Jared and I in front of blondies pizza (if you didnt figure that one out already) This was one of Jared's favorite places to eat while on his mission. IT WAS YUMMY!

And last but deffinitly not least,
my favorite part of the trip.... drumroll please...
a three story oldnavy with 50% off all clearence. Photobucket
(yes I did wear my haloween hat in the city. Everyone loved it.)