Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our marriage is a preschooler


Four wonderful years and counting!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I love to see the temple...

Finding a baby sitter and driving two hours to the temple is quit the task. I need to make it less of a task, but it always seems so special when we finally pull it together. This last Thursday we were able to do just that. It was not only a perfect "pull together," but it was a beautiful day. It was such a special trip and I can't wait to go again.



Sammy J and Joshy poo were able to come with us and that made it extra special.
Not only do I love being in the temple, but it is wonderful to be there with people you love and appreciate.

How is it possible that while I am getting fatter, it seems Jared is losing weight. UGH!
Thanks sam for taking some pictures of us... and thanks Jared for smiling, he was ready to go eat!


"for the temple is a special place."

Friday, April 23, 2010

I cant wait...

for more days like this...




UHHH... wait a minute, when did he learn to do that? I am not ready for that.

Just to prove that I was there.

Jared will probably kill me when he sees that I put this picture on here, but I couldnt resist. He was so cute showing K man how to swing on your tummy and I LOVE this man and this picture.


It was the perfect start to an AWSOME spring and summer. It is going to be great!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On my night stand last night...

I know, we are ghetto because we have tupperware stack of drawers for night stands.

1. A whole roll of toilet paper, because I am too cheap to go buy a box of Kleenex and it always seems that the minute I spend the $2.50 for the soft kind, my cold clears up.

2. A water bottle because, gross as it is, not being able to breath out of my nose gives me dry mouth.

3. Two hair ties, because every night I go to bed with one in and wake up with it on my night stand. Surprisingly, two is not a lot, sometimes there is five of them sitting there.

4. Again with the not breathing through my nose. Does any one ever give chap-stick the proper credit? three cheers for chap-stick.

5. My phone so I could check the time every 6 minutes, hoping I had fallen asleep for longer than it felt like.

6. Tums, for the nasty heart burn that pregnancy dotes on me.

7. A car because I am the mother of a toddler boy, and our house is riddled with them.

Basically, if you didn't catch the moral, I didn't sleep well last night. It was HORRIBLE. And all of that translates to Jared not sleeping well last night.

Is it nap time yet?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am ELATED to announce...

I have officially resigned my position... I QUIT!

Actually I did that 5 months ago, but I told them I would stay until they have someone oreiented to my position. Unfortunitly that took 4 months. Well three months to hire and one to train. YUCK, it has been a horrible last few months. My body just can't take the night shift thing, and it has only gotten worse as the pregnancy has progressed. First I was sick as a dog with morning sickness, and ever since, I have had cold after cold and runny nose after stuffy nose. It has been interesting to be sick so much, I normaly have the imune system of a tiger. And sleep is getting more difficult, as would be expected at 6 months pregnant, so that adds a whole new kink to the mixture.

But, I am D . O . N . E ... done.

Since I knew I would be working a while (I didnt expect this long)I had NO desire to make, let alone keep, any new years resolutions. But I have been thinking alot about some areas that I personally need to improve on. So I have decided to make some new yous resolutions since quiting my job really is going to be a new me. I know you all want to know what they are, and I know y ou all are going to hold me to it.

1. Read scriptures daily
2. Say personal prayers more dilligently
3. play with k man more (he is demanding more and more attention these days and I havent quite picked up on his groove.)
4. Clean the house more as a priority and KEEP IT CLEAN.
5. Finish all started or planned sewing projects
6. Do my prenatal yoga everyday (till baby comes)
7. (6 weeks after baby) WORK OUT and DIET... lose it baby (there is a lot more goals where this one comes from.)
8. Do more food storage
9. make and carry out a menu each month
10. Go to the temple once a month
11. Have Family Home Evening every Monday
12. And since it will take more day light to compleat it all, I would like to get up at 630 to start my day before the boys get up. (we will see if this one works out.)
13. Floss my teeth every day

A shout out to my hubby, he is the most motivating man in the world. Jared made a new years resolution to not drink any soda till his birthday. Well that day came and went and he has still not drank any soda. On May first Jared will be soda free for 4 months. That is 120 days. If he can do that, I certanly can read my scriptures and play with my K man more.

Friday, April 16, 2010

baby cradle

Jared has been refinishing the baby cradle that my parents used for me when i was born. I swear this thing is from the 1800's. It is adorable though, and we love it. We also used it for Kroten when he was born. The cradle was sitting in the living room for a few days and K man took it upon himself to make it his home. He spread out his blanket and made himself a nice little spot to sit and watch TV.


Photobucket It apparently made a nice jungle gym too.

So I told Jared that it has to go because I am worried that Kroten was going to hurt it or himself. So Jared took it apart to do some touching up. Kroten was fascinated by the process and insisted on helping. It was cute to see them working together.


And here is the before shot. Oh and it has Legs too, but those weren't set up with it. It will make more sense later.
I will try to remember to take an after shot when it is all set up and girly!

Monday, April 12, 2010

24 weeks


6 months.

I dont know if it is because it is a girl rather than a boy this time; maybe it is because I didn't loose all the baby weight and I may or may not be a little more out of shape than when I was prego with Kroten; maybe it is because I have to deal with chasing Kman around; or maybe, no, it is probably, because I am still working night shift; whatever it is, this pregnancy is kicking my butt WAY harder than the first one did.

After the ENDLESS morning sickness, I am now having horrible ligament and hip pain, way more than I had with Kman. I feel like I am waddling and I am only 6 months. What is 8 months going to be like?

Other than the horrible groin pain, and the heart burn, I dont have too much else to complain about. I feel great other than that. My appetite is back and I can eat what I want without throwing up or feeling nauseous, THANK GOODNESS. I am already feeling a little bit of nesting which I LOVE!!! And the baby seems to be healthy and wonderful, what more could I ask for than that?

4 more months to go...WOW!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I was craving a hamburger... from a old fashioned diner. With french fries. The home made kind, and fry sauce. And a thick yummy milkshake. Strawberry. So thick you have to use a spoon cause a straw just wont cut it.

I was happy...


I'm so glad that he was willing to share my milkshake with me.

Friday, April 09, 2010

vrooooom, vrooooooom

Kroten has been talking a lot to his Uncle Jamison, who has been looking at buying a motortcyle. Every time we talk to Jamison on the video chat Kman puts his hands up and revs his bike. He is sorta going through a bike phase right now. I am just starting him early. (I, as in Jared.)

It is hard to tell, but in this pic, he is indeed making the vroom vroom sound and revving his pretend motorcycle with his hands.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sunday, April 04, 2010

its tough being a big girl.

Kem recently learned to crawl and standup on things. One night I went in to check on her in bed, and I found her folded in half asleep on her own lap. My best guess is that she was in the process of getting up to crawl or head somewhere and she fell asleep. I love babies, they make me laugh. 

Friday, April 02, 2010


...otherwise known as BOOM.

That is what Kroten has been saying since it happened.

I was stopped at a stop light. One of those ones where you are still 100 yards from the light, backed up in traffic, and you know even if the light turns green you are still going to get stopped by the next red on the same traffic light, still on the same street, still behind a good handful of cars. I looked in my review mirror and thought, she isn't stopping... next thing I know... BOOM!

It is ironic because just two days ago, Jared and I were saying how we haven't been in a car accident since we got married. We were gloating at how WONDERFULLY our car has behaved over the last 4 years and how we have been SO blessed that it is still so good to us. Recently the car has needed a little work and I said JOKINGLY, wouldn't it be nice to get in an accident that would pay for all the repairs. HA!!! Unfortunately, this accident won't fix all the repairs, just the back bumper that was perfectly fine before the boom.

Anywho... we are OK... or as Kroten said the rest of the way to our destination... OK? OK? OK? Because I had repeatedly asked him "are you ok?" He merrily went on eating his oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and said moom! and saury! which I later figured out meant scary.

I am glad he is "OK?" because I love him, and something happening to him would be the worst possible outcome of a car accident. I am truly, truly grateful for that blessing. Thank heavens for car seats, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and the word OK?.