Thursday, June 30, 2011

while the baby was sleeping.

I must admit that I have seriously considered giving away a certain red headed three year old. There have been many times that I have wondered what life would have been like if for any reason I had either chose a different path or was unable to have children. I am sure that anyone with children can relate to this... Ask them, I swear they will agree, Im not a bad Mom, it is natural to feel this way.

But it is occasions like this one that remind me why I chose this path and makes me SO grateful that a loving Father in Heaven led me down it...

I love my Kman!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

krotens birthday bash

We had a little bash for our three year old in our backyard. It was tons of fun. I just had lots of paper and washable paint and let them go to town. I really thought they would get bored after 15 minutes, but it kept them occupied the entire time. It was great.

We used card board pieces as canvas and lots of stuff from the house to use as stamps.

Ball paintings. you just dip the beeds in paint and let them roll around the box and walla, you have this cool painting.

This was my favorite touch... just write the kids name on the back and hang it out to dry. 

I had my sister do face painting...

And according to Kroten, the party doesn't begin till you open presents.

I still cannot believe that he is three.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

we went to utah...

And rode Jason's motorcycle...
went to the BEAUTIFUL Bridal Veil Falls...
video chated with the fam that couldn't be with us!
If anyone ever tells you that it is an easy hike, DONT believe them, I swear I almost died going up, and I am pretty sure I did die coming down, not sure how I am still here. we are still working out the logistics of it all. 

THis is at the top showing that I DID IT! I was pretty proud, you would be too if you just endured that. 
Seriously, best dad in the whole world, hands down!
Jason, always on the phone! Even ON the Y.

SEE... 11 switchbacks, not even a mile and it rises almost 1000 feet. We might as well have hiked the rockies. 

k man 3rd birthday

We had a little party with the fam and some strawberry shortcake. Can you believe he is  THREE!
He blew the candles out the second it was set down, so I captured this moment instead of the actual event of blowing them out. he is still so cute.

He was only excited for the blueberries... and the presents.
and then we went to the salt lake temple. It was beautiful, I love seeing it and thinking about the wonderful history involved in it, I am grateful for the pioneers who gave us us such a  wonderful legacy. 

And we saw Kayley... and forgot to get  a picture of her. :(

And did lots of other fun stuff. Sorry to anyone we did not get to see. I wish we had had more time. I love you and miss you all.