Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas to me. :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! From the prettiest princess around!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

''Frosee sow man''

Its rare for it to snow here so when it does it is a big deal. we had fun for fifteen minutes and then we were ready for it to melt! I like the green grass why cover it with something so cold and white. :)

Monday, December 03, 2012

No plug for this baby girl!!!

We call kem's binky or pacifier her "plug."

K man never took one, but kem is pretty fond of it. We have been talking about getting rid of it for some time now, then we had this genius idea of how to do it.

Give it to santa!!!

We have told her for weeks that she was going to give it to santa and she would get a present in return. She was sure that her present would be a new plug lol. Here is how it went.

Kem carried her plugs all over the mall and was very good not to put them in her mouth.

kem in front of santa's workshop with her plugs.

Kem giving her plug to santa. She actually has a fairly proud look on her face. Santa was so good to play along with us.

And santa gave kem a present for being such a big girl.

Santa's present to kem was a new sparkly dora backpack. and I quote "a backpack...I love it!!!!"

And the best part of it all... she did not cry, she did not argue and she is asleep with NO PLUG!!!!! I could tell she wanted it and was thinking of asking for it, but she totally understood and is a champ. :)

Also notice in the bottom right hand corner... her dora backpack she got in exchange for the plugs, right where she can see it.

Night one was a success... wish us luck tomorrow at nap time.

Keminaters as of late...

I am so in love with this terrible two molar teething temper tantrum throwing beautiful girl of mine.

She is a handful for sure, but she is going through some amazing growth right now and I love watching it.

The things I love about kem right now...

- She is talking more and more and her high pitch voice is so cute!
- She runs and skips everywhere.
- She is potty training like a semi pro (semi because she is not quite pro)
- if you leave her alone and be really sneaky in observing her, she will sing loudly
- she gets excited when you ask for her help
- she is a little OCD and cupboards have to be shut and the toilet seat has to be down and her cup has to be on the right side of her plate etc.
- she can't sleep without her blanket and plug
-her hair is growing so long
- she likes to wrestle with daddy and brother
- she calls her hair ties and bows pretties
- chocolate milk
- she loves babies and is a mom at heart
- She is not picky AT ALL when it comes to food
- she likes to cuddle but only for a few minutes before she is off to the next big thing
- she loves to color and paint and cut
-she says "happened??" when something big happens
- she loves to have fun
-she would pick pink over any other color
- she can only watch about 5 minutes of a movie unless it is go diego go or caillou
- she is finally growing out of some of her 9 month clothes.
- she carries her purse around and puts random stuff in it and calls it her "bag"
- she loves candy
- she loves nail polish
- She wears her rain boots that are four sizes too big EVERYWHERE!
- she does everything that brother does
- she gives awesome kisses and great hugs
- she wants a "small present" for christmas
- her laugh!!!!!
- the way she lights up when she discovers something
-she is all girly girl

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Crèche exhibit

I have been telling the kiddos all day that we were going to see Jesus. I tried to make it clear that jesus was not actually going to be there, but I think they thought that maybe he really was going to be there. '

There were over 1000 nativity sets and a live nativity. K man kept asking if we could get closer to the live nativity, which makes me think that he thinks the doll was the actual baby jesus.

We got to dress up and take pictures as the nativity scene. Tonight he prayed that we would be able to do it again.

That is the live nativity scene (with the baby jesus) and several of the nativities behind the kiddos.

My little mary. ♥

Love them... and this photo!

I would say it was a success.