Monday, June 30, 2008


This is a post shout out to my bestest friend in the whole world, who just happened to visit this weekend for a long over due, much needed girl chat. Oh and she got to see Kroten too.

So Sammy was the companion for most of my craziest times. There was this one time when we hiked down a huge ravine in our flip-flops. I am pretty sure that it was illegal as there were fences that we had to climb over to get to it. There was this other time that we floated down the river with no boats, and I am pretty sure we almost died because the river was too high. Oh and that one time we were eating pizza on the beach at like midnight, when a freak high tide came in very very quickly, and the ocean ate our pizza and blankets and everything. We spent our high-school life walking around wal-mart taking pictures, going on crazy picnics with peanut m&m's, girls camp, church dances, emo punk music and billy cyrus t-shirts. Oh and I almost forgot the three or four emergency room trips we took. (all for Sam might I add.) We were CRAZY, and I loved it. I cannot imagine a better way to spend your youth than with a crazy best friend who doesn't care if you have frizzy hair, bright green striped pajama pants that you wear every day, and a weird duck face.

HAHA funny story, sam fell off a horse and I fixed her up and then took her to the ER. I thought we should put her hands up so she didn't loose blood!! Good times.

SO hears to sammy, the reason I am who I am.
p.s. sorry sam for the really embarrassing pictures, it was just for effect.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Joy in your posterity.

Kroten met his great great great grandmother yesterday, I guess I should say great grandma Mecham met her great great grandson. It was such a neat experience to see her reaction when they told her that Kroten was her great great grandchild. She dropped her chin to her chest and had a huge grin. I like to think we made her feel a sense of purpose in life, and maybe brought her some joy. As far as I understand, it was the first great great grandchild that she has held. I felt really blessed, it was a neat thing to see. She said "I will never forget this day." Every one joked about the fact that she probably already had. This experience made me feel proud, and truly did bring me Joy to see five generations in one room.
Generation 1 Kroten J, Gen. 2 jared and Kristen, Gen.3 Tammy (Jared's mom), Gen. 4 great uncle Jim and Ron, and Gen. 5 Great grandma Mecham

I had an interesting and bitter sweet thought last night as I thought about the day. Jared's great grandmother is getting ready to end her long life, and Kroten is just starting his. The cycle of life is so interesting, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. The most interesting part to me is that we all come to the earth at a certain time to accomplish certain things. Great grandma has had her time, and how happy and nervous I am to raise Kroten to live his life now.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another First...

Kroten had his first day at the lake today. We had a ton of fun. It was really sunny, and with Kroten's red hair and extremely fair skin, I am constantly worried about him getting sunburnt. We put baby sunscreen on him for the first time and it turned into a hair style session. This is his first mohawk, and knowing Jared, it will be the first of many.
Since it was sunny, he wouldnt open his eyes, even in the shade, so i put my sunglasses on him. Besides the fact that he looked super cute and funny, the best part is that it worked, he had his eyes open the whole time he had them on. Isn't he just adorable???

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day.

Jared had a pretty awesome fathers day. Not only was it his first fathers day and he was able to celebrate it with both his father and father-in-law, but he got to bless baby Kroten. It was a beautiful blessing. The spirit was very strong, it was such an awesome experience for our new little family.

Both families got to be here for the event, it was very special to be surrounded by people who love us.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tummy Blues

Poor Kroten had his first tummy ache. It broke my heart to see him in pain. His tummy was all hard and bloated and he was so fussy. I couldn't help him and I felt so bad. It was way worse then watching him get shots. It was so cute though, we put a warm pack on his tummy and he just sat there wide awake. He liked the warmness on his belly. In case you haven't figured it out, I love this little guy. Seeing him in pain made it that much more real to me that he is here and that I am his Mommy. I can only imagine the love our Heavenly Father feels when we are in pain. Now that I am a parent, I think I am starting to understand how much he loves us and wants to comfort us in our pain. I don't think I can even comprehend the heart ache he feels when we are suffering and he can't help because we don't ask for it.

This parenting stuff is enlightening!

Plant lesson 101

So our apartment complex built a small garden box and gave all the tenants a little spot to grow what ever they want. Good thing my mom happens to have a green thumb and is here for the planting season, because she did all the work. I was helping though. I sat in a chair and held the baby and wrote on the little sticks that tell you what your growing. I am not lazy, I just had a C-Section and am allowed to sit and watch. It was fun though, now if the weather would just cooperate, i might be able to enjoy the fruits of my mother labors.

See doesnt this look like fun. Now all I need is a southern-bell straw hat and a lemonade and I will be set.

(This next story is just to illustrate how much I know about plants.) My mom held up what I now know to be a tomato plant and said "do you know what this is?" I replied in my naiveness, "it looks like weed to me." She then gave me a long overdue lesson on what weed actually looks like and what made this particular plant a tomato

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Don't hate me because my kid is awesome.

So this whole bragging about your baby thing is a lot more fun than I ever thought. This brag post (I guess that is what I will call them) is about how well he is sleeping. The last three nights, he has slept from midnight to 6 am. what an awesome little guy. The first time he tried doing that, I woke him up at 4 to eat, I was afraid he was going to starve to death. Jared and my mom got mad at me because if I do that all the time, he will think that is his schedule. So I took a benedryl the other night and could barely wake up for anything. sure enough he woke up on his own at 6 and ate. So now I know he will eventually wake up.

This picture just cracks me up, the other day he took his nap like this. He really slept in this (what we call the rarrrr position) for hours. I think he was trying to scare away the bad dreams.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Take me out to the ball game.

Kroten went to his first baseball game!! Daddy was playing and he did an awesome job. We had so much fun. I think we may have a fanatic on our hands. Watch out little league, Kroten J Moss is ready to play.
Jared played a great game, he even had an awsome catch on first base and got the man out!!It was a night game and Rexburg is winter all year long, so it was pretty cold. We all bundled up, thankfully kroten slept the whole time, keeping my lap fairly warm. we had him all decked out in his baseball attire. our friend Melodie made his cap and gloves. Family photo-op, isnt Jared so cute in his baseball uniform?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Baby's first bath.

(Editors Note: This post is dedicated to Ashley Asbjornsen. Thanks Ash and Chad for the bath stuff, and the cute towels which Kroten already pooped in, I was holding him when he did it. We love you and will think of you every time we have the fun times in the tub.)

Kroten had his first bath. What a fun event. Grandma did most of the work, I was a little scared of his umbilical cord.

Jared couldn't stand the cold screeches Kroten made when grandma left him naked on the bed, so daddy comforted him.

Mommy tried her hand at the washing, I really was scared I was going to hurt him. I will get better, lets hope.

This is just one of the cute alligator towels that ash sent us. SO CUTE!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


What a wonderful grandma, and an even more amazing woman. She loves this baby to death. I am so glad that she is here to help. I honestly could not have done anything so far with out her. Getting out of bed, giving baby a bath, feedings, resting, sleepless nights. This baby stuff is hard, and grandma knows best. She is amazingly talented and extremely helpful. MOM, I LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So what's the story?

So I am told that I need to post the story and Kroten's stats. I probably should have dont this already, but I will do it now.
It was a dark and stormy night, and all the people in the town were waiting to hear the news. ok ok just kidding. It was 7:30 am four days after the due date, our doctor had decided to induce. It was slow going and disgusting at first, they had to break my water.

This is what it feels like after your water has broken, NOT FUN!!

At about noon, I started to feel the contraction more and more and more. by two o' clock I was in so much pain that I couldn't even talk. This is when my best friend at the time, Mr. anesthesiologist, came running into the room with his scrubs on and a whole lot of drugs on a tray. I can only describe the feeling of an epidural as a hershey symphony chocolate bar melting in my mouth. My legs were starting to go numb and my body felt warm all over like I was being wrapped in a big down comforter. Moral of that short detour, get an epidural.

This is what it feels like after you have had an epidural.

At about 4 o' clock, I was dilated to a five. Apparently after nine and a half hours of labor, this was a good thing, we were half way done. This is about when the babies heart rate started dropping with each contraction. The nurse checked me again about an hour later and I was still only dilated to a five, and he was still stationed pretty high. SO... the doctor came and had the same news that the nurse did. They put me on oxygen and I was forbidden to leave my left side, I know traumatizing huh.

This is what it looks like when you wanna kill your husband for taking pictures and also for "doing this to you."

They gave us two and a half more hours, checking in on us ever once in a while. after 5 hours of no progress, at 9:30 pm, he said were doing a c-section. It was a failure to progress section. The crew was amazing, and Jared, looking pale, reassured me that it was all going to be ok, because at this point "that won't happen to me" just didn't fit anymore. We had the C-Section, and Jared watched the entire thing. They pulled the baby out, and put him back in to take the cord off from around his neck, and Kroten J Moss was born at 10:17 pm on the 28th of May.

Kroten J Moss
7 pounds 6 ounces
20 inches long

Sunday, June 01, 2008

I don't have a lot of time to make this post, I guess I am supposed to be in bed. But before I get caught by my nurse mother and my over protective husband, I will try and make a quick note. Before I start the cliche first time mommy stuff that you are all expecting, I will just say, not trying to scare all you prospective mothers, babies hurt!!! No worries though, they give you percocet. However in all perfect honesty, somewhere deep underneath all the stretch marks, the pain, and yes even the 30 extra pounds, there is a deep and pure joy that can only be given by a loving Heavenly Father. I cannot believe how blessed I am, an amazing husband and now the most beautiful baby boy, and he is all mine. I cannot help but shout to the world, or the blogging community, that there is a God and that he truly does love me, I owe him everything.
So because you already know that my son is the most adorable baby you have ever seen, I will post some more pictures. And I can guarantee I will post more tomorrow and probably the next day and then the next....

Kinda a goofy picture I think it was an accident, but it was a great shot of his hair. Look at that color, I couldn't be more proud!!! oh and look at his but isnt that so cute, my mom brought that outfit with her.

Unfortunately we all three barely fit, we had to kick Jared out of the bed.