Monday, February 29, 2016

When I become president

Kroten is reading a book called "bad kitty runs for president." 

When he finished he book tonight he said "when I become president I am going to make it legal for everyone to print their own money."

We had to have a conversation about why that would not work. This included if everyone was rich, who would pump our gas, who would grow our food, who would take care of you at the hospital? He replied that as president he would let people print their own money but they would also be forced to work. 

Watch out America... 2044 Kroten Moss for president. 

I'll take it.

Woke up to lots of silence which is curious. I was hoping the kids were still asleep, but instead I found this...

I'll take it. 


Making valentines for kids in their class. 

I am not sure how long I can get them to hand make the valentines. Every year I expect them to ask to get hello kitty or Spider-Man cards, but so far I have been able to get them to hand make them each year. They love to paper craft it is a daily activity. Drawing, cutting, coloring, glueing. Give them a stack of paper and they are happy. 

Just another day on the Oregon coast

Loving #thisastorialife

Sunday, February 28, 2016

I'd give anything for sleep. Even a seatbelt on my face.

Lol. Tired girl. 


My mom came to visit while my dad was on a business trip. We did lots of exploring and chit chatting. 

Swings on the beach

Swings on the beach... Pretty sure no ordinary park will do the trick for us anymore. #seasideoregon

Cabin weekend

We spent the weekend at a cabin near the beach. It was only 10 minutes from our house but still we had a ton of fun. So much fun that we forgot to take pictures. We will deffinitly go back to this place. We played mini golf, kangaroo bounce, swimming, pancake breakfast and so much more. I will deffinitly be taking a nap today.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Family night

We don't have cable or a TV in the living room for that matter. It is actually really fantastic. Also I have been waiting years for the day that we can all sit and play a game. I love that they are old enough to play games. Now I can't wait till they are old enough to play games without whining about loosing or needing help. Oh an PS... Jared cant sit criss cross apple sauce. I laugh every time he tries.