Saturday, January 24, 2009

I just dont bend the way I used to.

Tip: Do not play Twister after the age of 17, unless
you frequent the yoga mat.

It was a healthy dissaster.

This is what I wanted to make...
This is what I ended up making...

Lets just say it wasn't the best batch of cookies known to man. I have been trying to make us all eat a little healthier and wanted to try a wheat chocolate chip cookie recipe. I know the chocolate kinda cancels out the wheat... I don't care. It was a dissaster. All the cookies melted together and made a huge mess.

This story has a really happy ending though. I ended up adding some white flour and the turned out pretty good. Actually they were great, Jared even ate them, and LIKED THEM. One for point for me trying to be healthy!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting to be such a big boy!!!

These videos are really intended for Missori Grandma and Grandpa, but anyone who wants to see how big and fast Kroten is growing is welcome to take a gander.

Kroten is so close to crawling. I dont know if i am excited
or scared. Jared is excited because it means Kroten
can crawl to him when he is crying and Jared wont feel
bad for not going to get him. What a compassionate father
huh! We are mostly excited for it becuase it means he
is growing and developing and that is such a joy to see.
(maybe it will help my waistline as well.) Oh as we were
reviewing the tape, my sister told me that I sound like
Elmo... try not to make fun of my baby talk.

One of the most wonderful things a child can do for a
mother is show love. After over a year of nurturing,
growing, feeding changing diapers etc, a big smile is
nice, but just not enough. So Kroten's newst trick
warms my heart and makes me all giddy. I cant wait for
you to watch this new trick it is so exciting...
so here ya go.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Mother Nature gave us a break from winter for a few hours today, so we went on a walk. It was a beautiful day, and perfect for some pictures. Kroten is getting so big I can't beleive it. I love him.

Hike at Pisga.

Saturday we went Hiking with our friends Jed and Amanda. It was tons of fun and such a beautiful day. The hike was hard. I was shocked at how hard it was. it was up hill almost the whole way and then comning down was even worse. But it was worth it. It was an awsome day. I know I have said it, and I will probably out wear it, but, I AM SO GLAD TO BE BACK IN OREGON!!!!!

Isnt it gorgeous???
Amanda is Ok too I guess.

You can kinda see how uphill it was, it was like this the whole way.

Kroten fell asleep before we even got to the top.

Jared took this picture when we got to the top. Not the most flattering shot, but it is truely how I felt once we were up there. I was so happy tha there was no more uphill!!

I dont mean to get mushy but, Jed and Amanda are such good friends. They are the ones that hooked Jared and I up on our first date, so I guess we owe them a lot. I am so grateful for their example of faith and friendship. Im sure we will be close for a long time.

Bright Lights Big City

We took my brother and Sister-in-law up to the airport in portland and decided to stay for the weekend. We had a ton of fun roaming the big city. I am in love with the diversity and liveliness of Oregon. I am so glad to be back. There are a lot of pictures, so enjoy.

Karly tipping the man for his hard work entertaining the masses.

Our little family in Portland. Notice how much Kroten enjoyed our day.

Kroten got to meet Ashley, one of my highschool friends who lives in Portland with her husband.

I had fun visiting with her for lunch. It only stoped raining long enough to snap this picture.

My dad bought real live crab from some chineses market. Jared was a little scared. It was so gross. He put a live crab in bowling water. YUCK!!! I think Jared thought it was going to pinch off his fingers.

Kroten used a big boy stroller.

And my favorite part of the trip was this cool (kinda creepy) doughnut shop that we went to called Voodoo doughnuts.

My dad did the big doughnut challenge. You are supposed to finish it in 90 seconds and they will give it to you for free. About half way through, he decided he wanted to enjoy it so he stopped. I dont blame him, this doughnut was HUGE, and it was delicious. Look how huge that pastry is. I couldnt beleive it.

Jared got a Voodoo doll doughnut.
It was funny.

The little guy had a pretzel sticking in him and jelly filling for blood. Gross but fun. Jared enjoyed himself.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy Day Sammy J.

Happy Bird-day Sammy.
Thanks for the memories, and heres to a thousand more.
Sorry we can't celebrate today with you.

24 memories of a best friend who is turning 24.
1. Early morning bike rides.
2. Weddings
3. "So I married an axe murderer."
4. Prank calls.
5. Dances.
6. Ice cold water in the girls camp shower.
7. San-fransisco.
8. Packing our packs for a day hike that was only 1/8 of a mile.
9. Fish-net stockings.
10. Penut butter M&M's.
11. Hiking down devils canyon in flip-flops.
12. Paper routes. (I didnt say the memories were all pleasent.)
13. Our picnic at the rose gardens.
14. Taking pictures in walmart.
15. Playing 10 fingers.
16. Breaking into hotel swimming pools.
18. Christmas Eve parties.
19. Driving to wendover.
20. Shaving our legs in a kiddie pool on the front lawn.
21. Sam not shaving her legs.
22. Driving DOWN willamette street.
23. Epiphanies
24. Riding scooters at Eweb.