Thursday, May 29, 2008

He's here!!

This is Jared with this post as Kristen is still at the hospital recovering. They do not feed me there so I am left to myself with finding food, and home is where Kristen sent me so I can update this thing as well. Sorry in advance that this is not as professional as when Kristen does it, but I will do my best. So that is my disclaimer.
After 16 hours of labor, 1 epidural, dropping heart beat, failure to progress and a 10:00PM "C-section" with the cord wrapped around his neck...
Kroten J Moss
and a full head of red hair is finally here.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Now What?
Julie Andrews said it best when she said...
"I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad."
I definitely think she knew what she was talking about. So today as the countdown hit zero, I could have been thinking "WHEN IS THIS BABY COMING?" instead I was trying to focus on my favorite things.
1. Time with my husband.
2. Crepes with strawberries and whip cream.
3. An hour of long over due phone time with my bestest friend Sammy J.
4. Chocolate Brownie Thunder Ice Cream.
5. A bubble bath.
6. Nectarines and pineapple.
7. Movies.
8. Chicken parmesan at Olive Garden.
The last supper as our Friend Eric so sacrilegiously put it.

Ok so my favorite things don't sound as good to music as Julie's favorite things, but it sure does make a really good Due Date (or D-day as Jared called it.)

I have been assured by several sources that he will come, he can't stay in there forever.

On a different note, Jared, our handy man put in the car seat today. What a great daddy he will be.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So my friend Teresa tagged me in this not very revealing but pleasingly short Tag.

The rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book that is at least 123 pages
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence and Post the 5th sentence on your blog.
4. Write 5 things this book and sentence reveal about you.
5. Tag 5 people.

"If miscarriage is suspected or diagnosed, see page 492"

So this is an interesting sentence, but quite revealing if you know a little about it and me.
1. I am obsessed with the book what to expect when you are expecting, it has been my constant companion. It goes on car rides with me, to bed with me , it even takes baths with me.
2. This particular sentence is on page 123, but that page is in the chapter on the first month, it is a long book. Lets just say if I read my scriptures as much as I read this book I might have finished the Book of Mormon 5 times by now.
3. Miscarriage is something that I have dreaded from day one... can you believe I made it this far, he could be here any day.
4.I never experienced any signs of miscarriage, and I am so grateful for that.
5. I LOVE THIS BOOK. And i guess that reveals that I absolutely love learning about the things in this world that are immediately affecting myself and those around me. I think this is a great quality of mine that I am happy to posses.

I tag... Jessica Rindy, Jessie Lake, Ashley Asbjornsen, Karly Hurst, Katie Sorenson

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh boy!

So I already know that this post is going to be corny, but you'll just have to suffer through it. I figure that pretty soon I will get to start posting all the cute things that the baby does and eventually says so that I never forget them. So as practice while were waiting for that time, I figured I would post the cute things my wonderful husband says.

The other day, I was getting sentimental and I asked Jared if he is really ready for this baby. His response was "yes, of course."
Then I asked him what he is going to do if it cries, he said "Rock it."
I then asked what if he is colloquy, he responded "Rock it."
I asked him what if he just wont stop? His wonderfully inventive mind came up with this answer. "Rock it... we'll put him on a rocket"

Apparently rocking and outer space are the solution to all baby problems.

Heaven help us!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Its summer... FINALLY.

So I am sure you all know, and if you don't you will now, that I truly despise living in Idaho, and in particular Rexburg. But today I had my first glimmer of hope, that all is well. It was absolutely beautiful. I am loving summer. I feel particularly inclined to enjoy it for two reasons.
One, we have waited, might I add semi patiently, for a long time.
Two, it is very possible that this could be the last weekend to enjoy a sunny filled saturday like we did today, as a couple with no children and no distractions.

Let me recap the wonderful day for you.

1. Sleep In- A little tidbit of info about us that you may not have known, we don't know how to sleep in. In fact if we make it to 7 o'clock on a saturday we consider that sleeping in. But 9:15 was a record for us. And I will admit although I really do enjoy the longer days and seeing the morning sun, sleeping in for once was nice, also something we may never have the opportunity to do really soon.

2. Watch The Office- HAHA. We love the office.

3. Go to the park- It was way to nice to stay inside all day. So we went to shoot some hoops and lay in the wonderful sunshine.

4. Eat Ice cream cones- Does this really need an explanation of how blissful it was. Just know that it was good.

5. Wash the Car- Well Jared washed the car, there are few things that he loves more than his clean shinny car, don't worry, I do make that list.

I did this while he washed the car...
So it was a wonderfully beautiful day that we thoroughly enjoyed.

As I said before, this could be our last weekend without a baby. I don't think that I have officially said on the blog yet that the doctor moved our due date to the 24th, apparently that is what he has been going off of the whole time. That is next Saturday, as in 7 days from now. I think he is right though, I have gradually been noticing different things that would lead me to believe it is all really happening, and soon. I am pretty sure that he has dropped, my hips hurt, and I can breath!!! The contractions have been getting stronger, and even painful at times. They are still pretty irregular so were not in labor yet, but soon. So as for this beautiful weekend, we have been so blessed to spend it together, what a perfect way to end the honeymoon ;). I think Heavenly Father knew that I really needed a sunny day with my husband before he sent us this bundle of joy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thanks Bill...I'm not scared anymore.

There are so many things to think about, and for a while I had myself all worked up and nervous for it all. This video has really helped to calm my nerves about the whole thing. You have to watch this video for a good laugh. I feel much better about everything.

The dream to top all dreams.

So last night I had by far the weirdest dream of my whole pregnancy. It was so creepy. In this dream, I was rubbing my belly and I felt a hand. Like all 5 fingers... so I looked down and there was his hand, his arm was sticking out of my belly button and his hand was resting on my tummy. We went to the doctor and he said it was normal, sometimes they just slip out, kinda like your foot falls out of the covers when your sleeping. He told us that the baby will pull it back in soon and that it is completely normal. I know weird!! I am not sure how to interpret this dream. The only thing that I can come up with is that I am so ready for him to come out. It is getting pretty exciting.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Our "Romantic" Anniversary Weekend ;)

For our two year anniversary, Jared was taking me to Boise for a fruit festival. I thought this was an excellent idea since I have been craving fruit like crazy. When we got to the hotel we were staying at, I was confused at the sign outside the room that said "family sweet." Upon entering the room, I was surprised with a baby shower, and some of my favorite people in the whole world. WOW, what an amazing present. This was especially wonderful, because I was sure that I was not going to get a shower with this particular crowd. I am so blessed, and so grateful for bestest friends and a wonderful husband. Sammy J planned it and is the greatest best friend a girl could ask for.

This whole bottle thing is a lot harder than it looks, no wonder babies are always crabby. This is one of the games we played, Karie Cheated! :)

Ok, so it wasn't romantic, and there wasn't a festival with fruit, but it was great. And I can't believe how loved I am, this is going to be the luckiest most loved baby ever. I think he enjoyed all the belly rubbing!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Jared's Contributions.

I can't take all the credit for this pregnancy, although I have done a lot of work ;). So I will give a big shout out to how wonderful Jared is. He is so supportive, he helps me out of the car, and off of the couch, he even lets me sleep when I am tired. He is eager to satisfy my cravings, every time I say something sounds good, he says, lets go get it. He tells me that I am pretty and that he loves me. I can tell that he appreciates me carrying this volleyball around. He is probably more excited about this baby than I am, and it is so wonderful to have such a supportive husband. So since all the baby update pictures have been of me, I decided it is time to put one of Jared's contribution pictures up. Last week he set up the crib. It is beautiful, and I am so grateful to have a handy man around the house.