Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas #2

Merry Christmas.
I know I am a little late, this living with the family thing
keeps me busy. But none the less, christmas was great. Lots of
presents and lots of fun.

Santa (grandma)filling the stockings with care.
Christmas as an adult is rough. My mom and I satayed up
till 2 doing the finishing touches on christmas. I miss
the days when I had to go to bed early to wait for Santa.

Kroten enjoying daddy's summer sausage that he
got in his stocking. Merry Christmas Kroten.

This picture captures perfectly how Xander was on christmas.
He was way hyper and all over the place. he is a true stud.

I cant seem to get a really good picture of it, but this is
Xander giving Kroten and hug. He is so good to him.
Every time Kroten cries, Xander is there to love him.

Kroten and Daddy looking at one of the many new toys
that Kroten got for Christmas.

And while people are enjoying their new wii, {Click here for the coolest video about enjoying a new wii}
Jared got me the Origianal Mario. There is truely
nothing better than the origianal. We had a blast playing it.

Sarah and I playing it old school.

This is me with the greatest controller. Honest who needs more than 3 buttons.
Oh and I swear the people go where I move the controler,
whats the big deal with the wii... pshaw.

Merry Christmas Eve.

We had Christmas Eve at the Jarvis house, as we do every year. Ate lots of food and played charades. So much fun.

Sam and Gma Hurst Enjoying the food.

Jordan Sam and Alex playing Charades.

The whole clan guessing while Karly acts it out.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Were movin' on.

It's true, we have left Rexburg for greener pastures. Granted, we will miss craigos, the temple on the hill, the friends we have made, our gigantic bathtub, and inevitably school, but Eugene is beautiful, it hasn't stopped raining since we got here, the trees are green not brown and the roads are black not white, and I have seen more hippies in one week than I saw in three years in Rexburg. At times I feel like I have died and gone to heaven and then I am snapped back into reality when I remember that we are currently living with my parents. yes, so far we are living with the fam. Not the most ideal situation, but I am grateful that we are able to save a little money before getting our own place, which will hopefully be in a few weeks.

Jared with his moving truck, he was pretty proud to be moving his family. I think the truck made him feel like a man. He is wonderful.

The move was an interesting feat, we went an average of 30 miles an hour the whole way, and it took us 78 hours to drive a 12 hour stretch of country. It was a blizzard most of the way, and we drove the budget truck over the mountain with no chains. Alas, we are alive and where we are supposed to be. We have been blessed and everything has worked in our favor.
You can barely see it but in both of these pictures you can see the Budget truck. The snow was horrible.

Stopping over night wasn't too bad, we got to go swimming one night.

This is the mark we left on rexburg before we left. they are statues of us waving good-bye to our rexburg friends.

So long Rexburg... The moss family is moving on.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Im a bachelor of science.

After four and a half years of hard work, I finally am done. It felt good for all my hard work to pay off.

My mom and Dad got to come in to see me graduate and help us move. It was awsome to have them there, and we honestly couldnt have done it without them.

Oh how much I owe Jared for everything. He was fabulous all the way through, but especially this last semester with Kroten. Thanks Honey your the best. I love you and appreciate your support.

I hope one day Kroten realizes how cool this was to have him cheering for me in the crowd. He has been a big motivater to finish. Little man, your mommy is a graduate.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Look what we woke up to...


Great for picture taking... horrible for
moving across the country!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Merry Christmas #1

We drove to Utah to see Jared's family before we ship out of Idaho. While we were down there we had Christmas. It was a lot of fun to see his family and enjoy Kroten's first Christmas.

Kroten got these cool cars, but all he
wants to do is eat them.

Kroten and Grandma. We are going to
miss her. We promise to we will visit!!!

Ali opening her presents.

Kroten helping open one of his
many, many presents.

Kroten screamed every time Jared
would open a present. Jared thinks
it is because he wanted to do it
himself, but I am pretty sure
that it scared him.

Jared made these awesome dutch oven
boxes for his Dad. I know I have said
it before, but my man is so talented.

Carol, happy about her great gift.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Temple Square

Despite my unnatural distaste to both Idaho and Utah, I do love Temple Square in Salt Lake City. It is so pretty and I love to visit and feel the spirit there. I especially love it at Christmas time with all the lights and nativity sets. We got to go visit it this weekend with Jared's family, and it was an excellent way to kick of this years Christmas.

It was cold, but I am starting to think that Kroten likes that. He did't cry at all. I think maybe he liked all the lights.

I love Jared. I am so glad that we can experience all the beautiful things of life together. (I am feeling particularly sentiment right now.)

The temple is gorgeous. It looks like a castle. I love to see the temple.

There are few things more beautiful then the temple its self, and one of those is it surrounded in Christmas lights.

Monday, December 01, 2008


Carrots and Thumb, my favorite.

Tree Tradition

Jared and I have started a tradition that we would like to continue with our family every year, and that is to go up to the mountains and cut down a Christmas tree. FRESH IS BEST!!! This year, since we are moving, we didn't get a tree, sad I know, but we went up to the snow anyway. Our neighbors ended up cutting a tree down, so we got to live vicariously through their experience. We had tons of fun saying farewell to the snow... hopefuly for good.
Kroten looked so cute all bundled up in his snow suit, I just couldn't help but take a million pictures of him.

Jared tried feeding Kroten some snow so that he could get the full experience before we move. I don't think he cared too much. He will eat anything you put within 5 inches of his face.

Our friend Chad is kind of a gun nut. Jared was excited, it just means he gets to play. I am glad, becuase I think it gave Jared his gun fix, and maybe now he will stop asking for one.
I even shot the gun a couple of times.
Dont I look SOOO excited??

Our friend Abbie really likes Kroten, unfortunately he is getting stranger anxiety and doesn't like her as much. He was okay by this point.

The roads were clear enough to drive all the way up to Mesa Falls. It was so pretty in the snow.