Thursday, October 11, 2012

walking around the temple trying to find places to get photos of carol's wedding. This has made me more excited than before which I did not think was possible.

What are all these weird trees growing here? I thought these only grew in places like Burmuda and bahma. I am loving my semi tropical vaca. :)

horrible picture of the painted ladies from full house. The view of the city from here is incredible.

On fisherman's warf we found this huge box of nerds. Too bad this little any can't hold his sugar or els we would have bought it. ;) what would you do with that many nerds?

Twin peaks sunset and my handsome men.

Drove up to twin peaks to watch the sunset and catch a nice view of the city. Totally worth it.

And then Kem fell asleep in the pack on the warf. Thirs a miracle for our bed and blankie girl. I think the pack was a success.

My friend Sarah is part of a baby wearing group and she loves wearing her little any jack in a back pack. I was worried about Kem in the city so i barrowed her pack and have now climbed DOWN two blocks and over six and then UP three blocks. I and going to be sore tomorrow but at least i did not have to rush a stroller up these hills.

See it even looks Yummy. And they are just to cute.

Jared has been talking about this silly little sandwich place downtown that he ate at on his mission and he swore up and down that it was amazing and that a little Chinese guy ran the place and would put an entire Avocado on each sandwich. Well we finally went seven years since he had been there and it was exactly as he described and just as amazing as it sounds. yummy.

golden gate from the san fran side. :)

they of the golden gate bridge from outside the city. I don't have a picture of it on my phone but will post one soon but shortly after this photo, i ran across the bridge. It was fun and hard and uphill but it was worth it.

Nothing says "Welcome to our state" like these gas prices. Unfortunately we missed the last Oregon gas station and had to fill up at sixty cents more per gallon than we would have over the border. :(

five hours in. I have awesome kids. Besides the occasional whining they have been so good on this roadtrip. Lots of activities and movies for us.

Sandiego here we come!

Leaving for Cali. Warm sunny beaches, a wedding and a Luau dinner, the golden gate bridge. Lets just say i have been waiting for this vacation for a long time! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

me and the kids at ghiridelli square. They were giving samples of pumpkin spice chocolate! yummy!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Late nap

Kem skipped her nap today so I could run errands. I was hopefull for an early bedtime but this five o clock nap in the car is going to put a damper on my plans.

Friday, October 05, 2012

there is just something i love about fall at the farm. I love the leaves and the cooler weather and the pumpkins and apples. You get the idea. Love it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

somehow, heaven only knows how, i got poison oak on my face. It is awful. Its not as bad as when i had it on my legs but his not fun. My nose is all blistered and my whole face itches and my eyes are swollen. Luckily it is easy not to scratch it since tin threat of scars on my face are worse than on my legs. Not fun. Not fun at all!