Monday, February 27, 2012


Unpacking! This is my favorite and my least favorite part of moving. This move has actually been really smooth and I am surprisingly not stressed out. So unlike me, I know. I am pretty sure decorating and organizing is a little bit of a stress reliever for me so this is a big dose of that for now. Feeling pretty good and still feeling very blessed.

Friday, February 24, 2012

If these walls could talk...

Ok, now to fill everyone in.

Yes, we are finally moving.

No, its not to Utah.

Yes, it is TOMORROW.

No, its not a result of a new job. 

Yes, it is 3 miles away.

No, we don't need two sheds, a storage unit, and an attic, but yes we are happy about it. 

Yes, the new place is bigger :)

We have been waiting and waiting for the right place to come along, and it finally did. Our current apartment is two TINY bedrooms one bath, and only 800 sq. feet. In case that does not get the point across, we live in a box. 

We moved here three years ago and thought we would be here for a year or so. When we got pregnant with kem, we thought for sure we would only live here for 6 more months... tops. 9 months later, she was born and we thought, "just a little longer." And now two years later, big brother and little sis still share a dinky little room. 

So when our friends offered for us to rent their duplex which is at-least double the size of our apartment and in our price range with a backyard and tons of storage solution, we jumped on it. 

I am very excited... but feeling a little nostalgic. Not too the point of regret, we absolutely have to move, there is no option of staying in our box, but this place has been good to us. Really really good to us. 

If these walls could talk, they would tell a whole entire chapter of my life, and quite literally my children's entire life story.

This has been our home. It has seen our good times and our bad, some of our proudest moments and some of our hardest. This home has seen our countless blessings, and has provided shelter for our heads. We have grown, literally and metaphorically here, as individuals and as a family.

So I am sorry to get a little sentimental, but I believe  this little box apartment deserves a tribute.