Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kroten likes his Grandma.

This is the first time Kroten has laughed like this. Heaven only knows why or how she got him to do it, but Kroten thinks Grandma is hilarious. Enjoy this video, it makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oregon part 1.

We drove to Oregon for the week. It was convenient that there were two weddings. My sister Shannon's and my bestest friend Sammy's. We are only half way through the trip, but I will update you on how it is going so far.

We have eaten lots of road trip food. Karly didn't think I could shove a whole clump of chocolate pretzels in my mouth, she forgot I have a big mouth.

Kroten did really well. We broke up the drive, so he slept a lot and cried a lot but he even smiled for parts of it.

We stopped at Multnoma falls for the first of many many of kroten's beautiful outdoor Oregon experiences.

Kroten dipped his feet in his first Oregon river. He did not like the cold water much.

We went to lots of weddings and Kroten looked so cute.

My handsome boys in my favorite place in the whole world.

We visited the Portland temple for Sam's endowments.

Kroten Played with his cousin Xander.

Actually Xander tried to play with his cousin, but not only did Kroten not know how, he didn't like it much.

And... drum roll please... Kroten slept two nights so far without being swaddled!!!

Definitely more Oregon highlights later.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I have a green thumb.

Ok not really, but I am getting pretty good at this gardening thing... ok not really, but i did get one red tomato so far.
and a green pumpkin. We are hoping that it turns orange and that we get more than one. But I will be happy with one. It is pretty cool to watch all these things grow.
I am enjoying it so far, I hope that one day I can have a house and grow lots of things. I would like to try peppers and watermelon and all sorts of stuff. But this will do for now. Can you believe it, I have a tomato!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our first date.

My aunt came into town so i had her babysit while we went on our first date since Kroten was born. It was fun and it was weird. My aunt told us not to say the word baby and she was betting that I would be the first to say it. Not only did we break that rule, but Jared was the first one to say it... the first three times. He loves his little Kroten. We went to a fun steak restaurant and then miniature golfing. I WON. I cant believe it, but I was on fire. I even got a hole in one. Sorry the pictures are so bad, they were from our phones.

Monday, August 11, 2008


This is the announcement that we sent to our family. I thought I would share it because Kroten is so cute, and I am sorta proud of my skills. I am not bragging... ok I am, thats what blogs are for!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Kroten had his 2 month vaccines today. The second they poked him, he started wailing. I swear he didn't take a breath for a whole minute, his face was so red. He cried for a little bit and then smiled for the nurse. What a tough boy. Ten bucks says he will be able to beat up his cousins.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


We went bowling with our friends Jessica, Eric and Ethan, it was a ton of fun. The black lights were cool, Kroten didnt seem to care, all he wanted to do was sleep. And get this, Kroten was as big as our ball. They both weigh 11 pounds. It is crazy to see him getting bigger.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

An ode to Jen.

(Editors Note: You may be totally lost when reading this post, but it is me putting everything on the alter of sacrifice to say sorry to a friend. So if you decide to read it, just keep that in mind.)

Modern communication has shredded the concept of emotion. We no longer can see the other parties tears, winks, hugs, high-fives or smiles. We can no longer hear in a persons voice weather they are happy, sarcastic or serious, giving you a hard time or just being plain mean. All the non-verbal emotional communicating that our forefathers worked so hard to develop over the past 5 billion years has been compressed down to this... :)

I was being sarcastic. I thought this ;P did the non-verbal communicating for me.

On a separate note, you know when you do something so stupid and then you keep saying to yourself why did I do that, over and over again. And then to make it worse, your FRIENDS never let you live it down. Bringing it back up and reminding you eternally that you did something one time, just one time, that was stupid. Yeah, that happened recently, and not to me. I was the mean, sarcastic, stinky friend that brought heart ache to some poor one-time-stupid-thing-saying friend of mine. In my defense I was being sarcastic, but didn't realize the wounds that it might open. Forgiveness is a loaded word in this situation... I forgave you ages ago when I realized that I am beautiful and perfect for Jared ;P. That is supposed to be sarcastic incase everyone didn't pick up on the emoticon. (Just proving my previous point.) But seriously I have forgiven you, and I know you didn't mean it. Maybe is is still such a big deal to me and I keep bringing it up because I think you are beautiful and what you said at the time really intimidated me and made me step back and think. I really hope you read this in the right light. I did not mean what I said to be mean or rude or even to hurt you, I meant it sarcastically and if we were together when I had said it, you would have seen in my smile and the wink that I was joking and I would have lightly punched you in the arm as to say... ok laugh now.

there is no need to ask for forgiveness, that happened forever ago.