Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kemiry k, your 8 months old today.


Do you realize that she has been in our lives, part of our family, our little girl for 8 whole months? WOWZA time has flown. And in my oppinion, she just keeps getting cuter and cuter. 


Kemiry k, at 8 months old, you...
Barrel roll all through the house
laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh
play peek a boo 
love daddy but mostly mommy
sleep through the night
still take the "plug" (pacifier)
have no teeth yet
know what you want and won't rest till you get it.
grab and eat anything within your reach
eat all sorts of solid foods especially pears, your favorite.
love to eat mommy's jewlery
love to play with big brother
wish you could run with big brother


Saturday, March 26, 2011

he said a bad word.

He said a very bad word.

Right there, in the bra department of kohls... every single insecurity that I have about motherhood came bubbling to the surface, I wanted to cry. 

Suddenly I didn't see my cute giggly red headed two year old. I saw a punk teenager with piercing, making all sorts of bad decisions, heading down the path of destruction. The kind of kid you look at and say, "where is that boys mother?"

I am right here. What did I do wrong?

How on earth did my innocent little boy learn such a horrible worldly thing? I wanted to pick him up run out of that department store and go live in a cave and raise him to be a sheltered boy who knows no evil. 

I never want to see him make bad choices. How am I going to send him to school? How am I going to let him grow up? I keep thinking that I shouldn't have had kids just so I could avoid this kind of thing. 

Buddy, please don't grow up. If you really really have to grow up, can you please be a good boy and make good choices? And please don't swear, cause I will wash your mouth out.  

I love you!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

in a pickle, or a race car track, same thing!

Don't ask me how she did it, but this is how I found kem one day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

happy birthday daddy!

I interviewed Kroten to see what he knows about his daddy. Lets just say the results were inconclusive. (I have filled in the real answers for your information and cause we really do love him.) 

Q: What is daddy's name?
A: "Jared"

Q: How old is daddy?
A: "two and a half. Old to play football."
Not sure if he would want me to tell the real age, but it is definitely old enough to play football.

Q: What is his favorite color?
A: "uhm, how about Green. Or purple, or red, oh how about green."

Q: what does daddy like to eat?
A: "uhhm pizza"
cinnabons and milkshakes or anything with too much sugar.

Q: What is daddy's favorite sport?
A: "How about daddy play football. he falls and dropped the football."
he likes football but I think his favorite is baseball. 

Q: what is daddy's favorite animal?
A: "daddys aminal is oink oink."
cats. I think. Not pigs, not sure where little man got that one. 

Q: What is daddy's favorite candy?
A: "Oh, I want candy."
juju bees.

Q: what do you like to do with daddy?
A: "uhmmm play"

Q: what do you like to play with daddy?
A: "guitar"
guitar hero. 

Q: what kind of car does daddy drive?
A: "yellow. actually a white one."
actually a white one. 

Q: where is daddy right now?
A: "at work"
he was at school

Q: how much do you love daddy?
A: "I am watching this movie."
too much to be able to tell you how much.

Q (repeated for quality assurance): how much do you love daddy?
A: "good"
way more than good!!!

Jared, I swear he loves you more than good.



Monday, March 21, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

green day.

St. pattys day isn't really that big of a deal to me, I just like to dress up in green, but today was a fun laid back day. It was a nice st pattys day.

we went to an indoor play place with our friend rory (and audrey, but she wasn't there yet when we took the picture.)

And by the way, Kroten and Rory are going to make the cutest couple. And I will tuck this picture away in a safe place incase it comes in handy someday...

Then I came home and cooked, as close as I know how to, a traditional irish meal. It was corned beef, cabbage and dill mashed potatoes. Oh and root beer, since we dont drink thats as close as I could get.

Maybe I like st patricks day after all.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

told ya so... LUCKY!

Look what I found today...

And I was carrying Kemiry in the carrier. And it was raining. I swear I wasn't even looking for it, I just looked down and there it was. Im telling ya, I have a gift. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

happy march... its going to be a lucky one.

(Editors note: you need to know something to fully appreciate this post. There are a select few people (and soon you too) that know this about me. I like clovers. Especially four leaf ones. I don't know what it is, but when I see a big patch of clovers, I cannot help but sit down and search through them for that lucky mutant one that has an extra leaf. Its kinda an OCD thing, I cannot pass by a patch without looking. And I was given a gift, I can almost always find at least one lucky one. It's true, ask Jared.)

This is our happy jade plant that my bestest friend sammy got for my birthday two years ago...

It sits above my sink in my messy kitchen and occasionally brings a little piece of happiness into my day.

One day early in march, I was doing dishes when I saw this...
...two little clovers sitting in the pot. I have no idea where they came from. This plant has been inside, in the same pot for two years, and these two little lucky plants pop up now. I think it is a good sign, maybe something lucky!

Weird, but cute...

Maybe this march will be a lucky one for us!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

big sitter

Kem has been sitting up and falling over for a little while now, never for more than a minute or so.

But now I, finally, feel like I could walk away without a major head injury. 

Kem is a sitter...

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Drama queen.

My kemmers has become quite the faker, or drama queen lately. 

When she is mad, she isnt just mad. When she is sad, she isnt just sad. It is pretty much the end of the world when something goes wrong. We all better watch out I am worried about what she will say when she can really tell us.

If you are afraid of dinosaurs, don't watch this video.

Monday, March 07, 2011

gettin' buff

Jared and Kroten have been working on their muscles. I can't help but love both of them for it! One is working harder then the other, but I won't say who, Ill let you figure it out for your self... 

Sunday, March 06, 2011


In our church meeting today a member of the seventy (a high calling in our church) came and spoke to us. He told a story that really touched me. I just thought I would share it with anyone who may be a similar situation in life as me and might need the thought...

A little boy was asked to say the prayer in his sunday school class. He began praying "Dear Heavenly Father I am thankful for the letter A, I am thankful for the letter B, I am thankful for the letter C" and so on. The sunday school teacher thought about stopping the prayer, but let him continue. "I am thankful for the letter Z." the teacher was grateful that the prayer was over, then the little boy continued, "I am thankful for the number 1" and so on. The teacher again thought about stopping him but let him continue. "I am grateful for the number eleven. I am grateful for the number twelve and I am thankful for my sunday school teacher who let me finish my prayer cause no one else ever does."

The speaker continued to explain that our prayers probably seem like ABC's to our Heavenly Father. He has heard it before, it may seem like the most important thing in the world to us, but to him, who knows all, the beginning to the end, it is no big deal. But no matter what you pray for, or how trivial it is, our Father in Heaven lets us finish. He doesn't just hear our prayers, he listens.

I have felt lately like maybe my prayers are stupid. Maybe the things I am praying for so earnestly are wrong or silly. I was beginning to think that maybe Heavenly Father was tired of hearing the same old thing again and again especially when he has already given me answers and comfort to the things I have prayed about. So, this story could not have come at a better time for me.

I know that God is listening to my prayers. 

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Happy Birthday to the bestest wife and mommy ever

I am not a pro. My pics, what few I have will not be good. But I will attempt to do, what kristen does for me, for her.

  I love this women.

She is the best ever. She can make any bad day better. She takes great care of the kids. She makes the best meals. She always wants the best. She can always make me laugh. I just wish that I could give her justice and say what I feel in words on here, like she does so many times.

She is a talented women...

Even Kman loves her. And there is proof.

Have a good B day Kristen. I hope with our crazy schedule, you will be able have fun and enjoy it.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011