Monday, November 28, 2016

Tree 2017

Jared hates getting/having/setting up/everything about a real Christmas tree. 

But he does it every year, with minimal complaining. And that makes him a good husband. 

I like a certain type of tree. I like Charlie Brown trees that you can see through. I love the tree we go this year. Plus it rained on us. That's a good omen, I think. 


Oh I hope this little girl knows how. Eaitiful she is. I love being with her and hope we can be friends forever. She is so curious and smart. She doesn't love hiking. It she stuck it out for her mama who loves a good hike. 


Apparently you can have hurricanes and typhoons on the west coast. 

We haven't been hit by a tree yet nor blown away, but the storm is just getting started... So they say. 

This is just when the winds were ramping up. And he Power went out almost immediately.