Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our new addition.

Our lives were so blessed on monday when our new baby (1 of 2) arrived. You could say the stork brought him. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. We are so excited to have this new blessing in our home. We truly are so blessed. We named him Henry. (Jared doesn't know that yet.)

Stork... UPS man, same thing!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

8 1/2 Months Prego!!

I do this everytime. I dont think I am that big, and then we take a picture and I realize that I am huge. I cannot believe he is getting so big. It's almost time. We are getting so excited, and I just cant wait to get this beach ball out of me. Is it normal to just want to feel normal again? Were down to just under a month and a half left, feels like eternity, but I know it will go fast. Jared is taking a trigonomitry class that gets over at the same time the baby is due, and he is excited cause maybe because of the baby this class will go fast. HA... we'll see!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Alot has happened in the last two weeks, so sorry about the throw up effect with all the posting. It all started with Finals week, WOW was that a week. After all the stressing and my many to do lists, it was finished. My proudest accomplishment was the 105% I got on my Bio final. It was on my list of 50 things to do before I die to get 100% on a test, so to get 105%, on a final, and bio none the less, I am pretty proud!! We got excellent grades this semester. I am so proud of both of us, I was taking 18 credits, so for that amount of stress,I did pretty well. But the credit should go to my amazing husband. Between taking care of my emotions and cravings, working 30+ hours and holding down some pretty hard classes, Jared did Awesome on his grades.
So after finals, we hopped on a plane and went to Missouri. We had tons of fun, see next post:)

And something super exciting happened... We are getting a new computer. The Laptop has been giving us more hardware problems then it is worth, and luckily Jared insisted on buying the service warranty from best buy. So after them fixing it 5 times, they had to give us a new computer. GUESS WHAT COMPUTER IT IS... yep that is right, it is my Apple. So now I can design announcements from home!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! It is being shipped to our home as we speak. Expect some great advances to the blog since I will now have better capabilities!! I AM ELATED!


We went to visit Jared's family in Missouri this past week. It was nice to finish up finals and get out of rexburg. It was such a relaxing week that I was actually OK with coming back to Rexburg. We had tons of fun,food, and family. We celebrated Carols, Jared's and my B-days in one swoop. We went Shopping and hiking, and to lots of soccer games.It was so cold and windy at Carol's Soccer games. We had to bundle up just to survive. Carol the rock star was aw some with her feet.
Ali went to the prom and looked gorgeous. Then Carol got a pedicure from her mom and brother. The bottom two pictures are the very pregnant me and my mother-in-law shopping, and Jared in KB toys. It is kind of a stipulation, if we go shopping, we have to go in the toy store. Its a sanity thing, for Jared's sake. This Dino actually growled and walked, unfortunately the cord to the remote was only three feet long. Birthday Party fun. Jared and I got Carol a cool Bathrobe/towel thing, and Jared got Baseball stuff, you should have seen how ecstatic he was. Our Hiking trip was so much fun, There was a river, frogs, caves, swings and clovers. It was actually a nice day, we even got a little sun burned. It was a great hike, even though I am ginormous.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dreams... Make em go away.

My sister in law told me about a dream that she had when she was pregnant. It was about a pet dog or pig or something and she was taking care of it like the baby. We all laughed and I cringed a little, becuase of the thought that these dreams would soon start. It has been slow going, a baby dream here and a baby dream there, but I swear now I have one every night. They usually consist of me not taking care of the baby and then feeling bad so I start trying but I dont know how. for example last night in my dream, I didnt know where the diapers were. IT WAS A NITEMARE, pun intended. But the second part of last nights dream was terrible. If I am not dreaming about my inadequecies as a mother, I am dreaming about the child being disformed in someway. In my biology class we learned about a disorder that causes the child to physically develope way too fast. Like on that movie Jack. Well in the second part of last nights dream the kid had that. He was 10 days old and could talk and walk and he was already in school. And the doctors kept telling me "he has a disability" and I was screaming in there face, I KNOW THAT!!! But none of them would do anything about it.
Jared even had a dream the other day that the baby was sitting in his lap and it reached out and grabbed the cat. (no we dont have a cat.) And than the baby just held the cat all day. I am not sure what subconcious thing this is communicating, but I think jared wants a cat.

Overall, I HATE these dreams. None of them are sweet, cute baby, lovey dovey dreams, they are all terrible your going to be a bad mom dreams. I can't wait till my hormones are back to normal!

Friday, April 04, 2008


With snow still on the ground, we decided rain or shine, snow or grass, it's April and time to Bar-B-Q. So Jared eagerly set up the grill and we cooked up some pork chops. OH MY GOODNESS, they were so good. I had honestly convinced my self that the chops on the skillet taste just as good as the ones on the Bar-b. I will never betray the grill like that again. me and the Q are close friends now.

Here is Jared and the raw chops.
I wish you could have tasted them.