Sunday, October 31, 2010

What are you grateful for?

I REALLY really need to have more graditude in my life (see previous post for details.) So... from November 1st till Thanksgiving I will be posting every night what I am grateful for.

You should all join me!!

I know... I know.

I am really putting alot out here for you all to read, I hope this doesn't disturb your notion that I am a perfect home-maker. BAHAHAHAHA! Because(in all sarcasm) you all know that I am perfect.

I am not going to lie, having two kids is the hardest thing I have ever done! Having two kids makes having one kid look like a walk in the park, while eating cake, on a sunny day with the most comfy shoes you've ever worn. Seriously, I am struggling.

It seems that with each child the laundry quadruples... how is that possible. And you all know I was struggling in this area before she came along.

I feel compleatly overwhelmed by life!! This is the first time in my life that I have actually wished with all seriousness that I could run away. It sounds HORRIBLE right now, but at the time it sounded like a logical answer to me.

There are times when the house is a disaster, the dishes are piled so high you can't find a clean spoon to eat with, the laundry is scattered in every room, the sewing machine is out and begging me to finish just one project, I am back logged on blogging, the bathroom stinks, dinner isn't even a thought and I need a shower... the kids will have just barely gone down for a nap and that gives me a good solid two hours of time and I litterally FEEL like I cannot do a thing because they will wake up soon. Is that for real... I have two hours and nothing gets done. I just feel like I cannot do anything because there are so many other things to do! SO nothing gets done?? Does that make sense? Not to me. Does anyone else feel that way?

The other day, I was trying to make dinner and then I remembered the costumes weren't done and then there was no place to cut a tomato on the counter and kem was crying and life just caught up to me and I started crying. Why can I not even cut a tomato without feeling overwhelmed??

One more for ya... One night K man woke up at midnight and started crying, so Jared went to comfort him. He started throwing a fit and would not go back to bed, he wouldn't get in bed with us... NOTHING. He was up till 5:30. Guess who else didn't sleep that night... yep, yours truely.

Just a few days later He was being a pill, so I decided we all needed a change of scenery. So I packed up the kids and got myself dressed and we went for a walk, and k man rode his bike. K man decided half way through and a half mile in that he didn't want to ride, he didn't want to walk, he didn't want ice cream, he didn't want to go home... NOTHING. So I left his bike there and carried this screaming, thrashing two year old home while pushing kem in the stroller. It must have looked to passers by that I was kidnapping him. My arms are so sore. I seriously felt like hurting him that day. TWO YEAR OLDS ARE HORRIBLE.

I am not even going to go into the weight loss thing, that is a whole nother demension.

I am so overwhelmed, I cannot even explain it. I cry every day. I am so tired right now, but I don't want to go to bed because that means that when I wake up I have to start it all over again. Seriously... does anyone els feel this way???

to make this long story even longer...

I have been thinking about what to change. I know the answer and that is the HARDEST part. I know what I need to do. I need to read my scriptures, pray more often and be more grateful. It just seems to easy. Is that answer going to make me loose 80 lbs? Is praying going to clean my house and make dinner is it going to burn calories? Is it going to play with a two year old? It seems so easy. And then today I thought about how Moses told the poeple to look and live and that was just far too easy for them so they died. OK OK... I know what I need to do. THEN... I asked Jared for a blessing and he told me that I needed to be more grateful for the things that I do have. AND THEN... I taught the lesson in Young Women's today at church and guess what it was on... OPTIMISM. Really??? And being grateful. Ok... OK.... OK.

So I am going to be more grateful, just iin time for thanksgiving... From november 1st till thanksgiving, I will write what I am grateful for here on the blog. You should join me.

lets see if it burns calories.


It is rare that you get to post about a holiday on the holiday itself. We celebrated haloween yesterday because today is sunday and to be honest, I am glad it is over. It was a fun day though, we went trick or treating at the market, went to the farm to get more pumpkins and feed the goats. We had our church trunk or treat and then Jared and I went to a haloween party with out the kids (yes we wore out bee costumes.) It was a fun day. Now I need to brainstorm how to get that C-A-N-D-Y out of this house!

Yes, yes... we dressed up together. And yes, my husband is a trooper! People stopped us everywhere to tell us how cute we were, and add in funny comments like, your beeeutiful and look its the whole hive. We even got asked THREE TIMES if strangers could take our picture!

Photobucket Seriously he is the cutest!

PhotobucketShe was like the queen bee all day in her little fur coat.

Photobucket I love my little bees. Oh they are so cute. I am glad I will get to remember them like this (all cute and cuddly) when I am old and not like they really are, terrible little monsters!! lol.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow I start.

Tomorrow I will do it.

Tomorrow nothing can stop me.

Tomorrow the accomplishing of  my goal will begin. 

Tomorrow I will not fail.

Tomorrow I will do it!

Tomorrow I WILL WORK OUT!!

I tell you because I need some accountability.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kemiry K, your three months old today.


Life has been interesting this last month. I have been kinda off my rocker as to getting things balanced. I am pretty sure it is because I feel like it should all be back to normal and that everything should get done. I just need to slow down and remember that I have two kids and one of them is brand new. It is going to be ok. 

But kem, she is beautiful. She gets prettier every day. Her eye is still yucky. She is starting to giggle a little bit and we love her so much. K man desperately wants her to play with him, unfortunately by the time she can, he will want her to go away. 

At three months old you...
react when we tickle your ribs
smile big when we get really excited
sit front facing in the front pack
talking and cooing all the time
suck on your hands
pooping a lot
get your toe nails painted by daddy
cry yourself to sleep
are cute as a bug.

We still love our kem kem. our 90 day trial is up, I think we will keep her. lol

I know you are jealous...

1. that you aren't making this face.
2. that you didn't buy this jacket before I did.
3. that your hair can't go this big.
4. that you didn't get to attend this rad 80's party like me.

We were eating dinner and I was all decked out and Kman couldn't stop staring at me. Then out of the blue he says (and this is a direct quote) "mommy look pretty. mommy look pretty on the hair." Oh sweet boy... you have no idea what you are talking about. I was impressed that he even noticed something was different.

I did this for you!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wordless wednesday


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Monday, October 18, 2010


I have always wanted to do a giveaway but never had anything anybody wanted. I am so excited to announce that I FINALY can do a giveaway. YAY!!! (that may come across as sarcastic, but it is real excitement) I know you are all sooo excited too.


So hop on over to my photography blog and find out more about that giveaway.

And enter soon cause it ends on October 25th.

Why are you still reading, Get over there.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finally caught on film...

So kem is one hard baby to please. I was dissapointed when she didn't (like her big brother) smile at 4 weeks. Around 8 weeks, you could get her to smile, but you had to work it, and even then you couldn't blink, cause you would miss it.

But just this week, she started smiling more and more.

Big happy smile, big rosy dimples and her gleaming eyes. I LOVE IT. And we FINALLY caught a little of it on film...


couldn't you just eat her up?


Monday, October 11, 2010

Picking our munkins.

I love love love fall. LOVE it!! Pumpkins, Halloween, leaves, crisp cold air, thanksgiving, rain. I love it.

To kick off fall, we went to Lone Pine Farm and picked out our munkins. K man has been talking about going to get our munkins all weekend. It was a beautiful evening with an awesome sunset. Did I say that I love fall (I don't want to forget that.) We couldn't have asked for a better pumpkin picking experience.

K man on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin...

My little pumpkins sitting by some pumpkins.

I think k man liked the cart more than the pumpkins... oh well...



The sunset was beautiful. It was an perfect evening.

Isn't she purty??

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Whats the life expectancy of a couch?

I know I complain a lot about raising a two year old. I am not apologizing for this fact because it IS really hard. But somewhere between the tantrums and potty accidents, I love him. I love watching him grow and learn, play and explore. His mind is seriously like a sponge, he learns new things every day. I love hearing him say "watch this mom" fifty-million times.  I love seeing him figure something new out. I love watching him learn how the world works and tastes, smells, looks and feels. Being a mom of a two year old is hard and wonderful and exciting and hard, but I am sure being two is equally exiting and hard.

So what does this have to do with the life expectancy of my couch... watch this mom...

No children were harmed in the making of this video.

Besides the fact that this kind of stuff is slowly killing my couch, I love that he is having so much fun. I love that he couldn't go around the car seat, he had to go between it and the box. I love that he gets a little snack between each jump. I love that he misses the stool (because sad as it is, it made me laugh really hard.) I love that he ran to me for comfort because he was hurt and embarrassed.

I Love this little man.

Now can we get rid of the terrible two stuff. 

Thursday, October 07, 2010

You'd never have guessed...

... but we are super busy these days.  Does any one else feel like when you are super busy, you not only don't have time to post, but it seems as though there is nothing to post about? I hate doing catch up posts, but it seems appropriate right now.

pictures, pictures and pictures.
I have been overwhelmed with people asking me to take their pictures. I am so flattered, it must mean people like what I am doing. I am never sure, so it is really nice to have that validated. I have had at-least one photo-shoot a week for the last two months. Jared says it means I need to raise my prices, but Ill be the first to tell ya that I dont really have a price yet to raise. HAHA

Oh yeah and I have two kids. That has been very interesting, but I can say (knock on wood) that I think I am getting the hang of it just a little bit. I just love them so much that I have to make it work.

In between all of that I am trying to loose weight (as always.) I will probably do an individual post dedicated to this one day. We will see. :)

School and work... that is all. He was supposed to be done with his associates at the end of summer and we were counting on that, but his councilor told him that he needed one more class. ONE class. LAME! So he is still going to school. He is taking a full load because those classes will transfer to his degree at OSU.

He also is working with a roofer. He was hoping to find a job sitting down and doing homework, but again, he got a home improvement job. It is tough now, but it will pay off in the long run when he wants to remodel houses.

So most of our busyness come from jared being gone for most of the day everyday for the first time since kman was born. (I have been spoiled I know.)

Is the busyest of us all. Not in terms of schedule, but energy for sure. He is always getting in to things, and getting himself in trouble (in fact he is in time out right now for hitting kem.) I have to clean the house 12 times a day because of him. He is one big ball of two year old.  I love him, I love him, I love him.

He is talking so much now. He has moved on to full sentences. I will post soon some of his newest funny sayings.

and the one you are all waiting for... KEM
She is getting big. And she gets more and more beautiful everyday. She is going to be a heart breaker. She holds her head up all the time now. She is NOT a social smiler. It takes energy to get her to grin for ya, hence the reason I have not captured it with the camera yet (trust me I have tried.)  And she is a talker, she loves to coo and gaga. I love it.

She is sleeping pretty well. It differs from night to night. Most of the time she only wakes up twice, good nights she wakes up once. She is DEFINITELY a better sleeper than Kroten was.

Oh and it is for sure a clogged tear duct. We have to wait till 6 months and if it hasn't gone away she will have to see an opthimologist (I butchered that word, it means eye doctor.) I can't wait for the day when complete strangers stop sticking their fingers in my baby's eye. Yeah that happens daily.

See I told ya that being busy yields little exciting stuff. But that is an update for ya. Hopefully here soon I will get back to posting and maybe even get around to doing a wordless wednesday or two. I am still a blogger, don't forget about me.