Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I feel a little like when you find out your pregnant but only 10 weeks a long.

Its like harboring a HUGE, gigantic, awesome, juicy secret that you want to shout to the world but you don't want to jinx it or have to retract it when things don't work out as planned. 

Also,  kind of like morning sickness... shopping, planning, bidding, and paying for a house makes me sick. I am not joking, I have literally been physically and emotionally sick since starting this process. 

All of that awkward rambling aside... WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!

Well, kind of like announcing too early that you are preggers, it is a little early in the game.
They accepted out offer (we have made 5 on 5 other houses and been outbid on every single one) but we had the inspection today. It feels A LOT more official now, and I am finally letting myself get excited.
She is in need of some love, since she has been neglected for who knows how long. No, this is not all we could afford, we have been looking for a good fixer upper for a long time. Thank goodness for a manly, carpenter hubby.  

I am hoping to force myself to journal the process here. I might only get the before and after, or maybe just the before. 

Just like having a baby, we are super excited and cant wait to treat her right. 


They left Joseph and Jesus for us. I am guessing it is good luck, but I am not very superstitious. 

Superstitious or not, Buttons do have a special place in my heart and finding a button is a good sign for me. Two different times that we have been to the house Kemiry has found a button. I don't believe in coincidences!