Monday, May 30, 2016

Fresh and Clean

Kroten was baptized this weekend, on his birthday. My heart is truly full and I know without a doubt that God is real and that he loves us.

Kroten is such a good boy. He has a strong knowlege of the gospel and he has a strong testimony that God is aware of him.

My favorite moments from Kroten's big day...
-The baptismal font was not filled before the baptism and it supposedly takes two hours to fill with warm water. They were able to fill it in 30 min or so with luke warm water.
-Kroten shared his baptism date with a little girl named Bryony, her last name is also Moss.
-We believe in baptism by immersion, and Kroten's hair almost did not go all the way under the water. Jared pushed him under just a little bit farther and Kroten was able to be fully imersed. We thought this was funny for two reasons... 1. we have made fun of Kroten's floppy hair for months telling him that it is not going to go all the way under. and 2. When he was four he said he did not want to be baptized because he was afraid that daddy would hold him under. After his baptism he said, I thought daddy wouldn't bring me up.
- As we were eating lunch that afternoon, Kroten was shaking. The excitement was too much for him.
- After he was dressed, he told me that he was so nervous and he had a big smile inside when he saw the crowd and he had to try really hard not to let it out. I told him he could have smiled, but I think he was trying to be reverent.