Monday, August 30, 2010

blackberry pickin'

One of my favorite things about august is the blackberrys. They grow wild here and to most it seems like a pesky overgrown weed, but we LOVE them. A few times in the short time that they grow, we walk down to the river and pick till we can't pick anymore. We make Jam, and cobbler and just eat them. What a yummy treat for summer to bring to us.

This particular trip, Sammyj and joshypoo came pickin' with us. We love them as much as we love the blackberys. It was an awesome day.

This is what k-man looks like at the begining of our walk...



This is what kem did the whole time...


Kroten could eat and eat and eat these things, we have to eventually cut him off.

This is what Kman looked like at the end of our walk...

As excited as I am to see summer leave, I am going to miss this a little.

Sunday, August 29, 2010



They say every baby is different, I didn't believe it, I was so sure that all my babies would be as easy as K man was. Kroten spit up maybe 3 times his entire infancy, Kemiry spits up 3 times a feeding. I use more burp cloths in one day with kem than I have ever used for Kroten. I am not exaggerating. She is a barf machine. Not just a little curdled spit up on her chin, I am talking 2 ounces of milk regurgitated just minutes after she eats. Yesterday she threw up on me and it went down my cleavage and puddled in my bra, her entire face was covered in nasty milk. needless to say, I am going to be making some of these today.

Friday, August 27, 2010

let the war begin.

My parents and little sister went on a road trip this past week and got home yesterday. While they were driving home, karly was bored, so I started sending pictures to her from my phone. It turned into a full on three way "picture war" (as karly called it) between Karly, Jared (he was at school) and I. Pictures were flying through space like crazy. It was a lot of fun, I even found my self literally LOL'ing at times. I am not a huge texter, but this was a riot. Some of our pictures were kinda lame, but some were pretty cool. I couldn't help but document them for funs sake.


And my favorite of the picture war pictures.
HAHAHAHAHA... unfortunately you kinda had to be there to think this is hillarious! Cool picture none the less.

You really should try this picture wars thing next time you are bored. It was a blast!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

what a blessing

In our church, when a baby is born they are given a name and a blessing. The blessing is given by the father. Jared was able to give Kem her blessing a few sundays ago. It was an absolutly awesome day. Jared's blessing was beautiful and I was beaming. The spirit was so strong for me that day. I had the same feelings this day that I did when Kroten was blessed; look at this beautiful baby, so close to heaven and heavenly father has trusted me, in this horrifying and cruel world, to raise her, to teach her, to cherish her, to love her, to grow with her and to be her friend. It is a little overwhelming of a thought but it is one of the most wonderful things I have ever had to do in my life. The other thing that baby blessings make me think is how grateful I am for a husband who loves and cherishes these children as much as I do and is worthy and holds the priesthood to give them a name and a blessing. I am not trying to be prideful or boastful, but I am a pretty blessed woman... wait, when did I become a woman with a HUSBAND and two KIDS?

Photobucket he is seriously beaming with love for his little girl. I love him.



Something special for me was that Kem was wearing the dress that I was blessed in. She was beautiful. I love this dress, my grandmother made it for me and now she got to wear it. It was a special way to connect generations.
Photobucket I was a little bit older in this picture and quite a bit chubbier! :)

It was a special day and I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kemiry k, your one month old today.


One month flew by like it was no time at all. I cant believe that you are growing up already.we love you and in one short month, you have become part of our family like you have been here all along.

At one month, kemiry k, you...

Can hold your head up for ten plus seconds.
Like tummy time so far better than k man ever did.
Have brown hair and it even has a reddish tint.
Have NO problems pooping and you let everyone in Sunday school know that several times.
Sleep pretty well at night considering you sleep all day.
Are just one constant butt rash.
Love (not) wearing lots and lots of bows. You will get the hang of it!!
Have been waking up at 1:30 am and 4:30 am pretty consistently.
Are a nursing machine, wait to go girl.
Are the loudest eater I have ever seen.
Don't like to burp, you may be a lady, but please learn to burp.
Are like a little princess in that you get everything you want and you know it too.
Do not like your car-seat but you don't mind it once we get on the freeway.
Open your eyes so much more now and I think they might even be blue.
Take a bottle fabulously so far. Keep it up.
Might be a plug (binki) taker, I am not sure how I feel about this yet.
Snort when you are really mad.
Like the vibrating bouncy seat. Thank goodness.
Love big brother and his kisses.

I can't believe how in love I am with you kem. We love having you and cant wait to watch you grow into a beautiful young woman... Please do it slowly.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jareds at it again


When Jared said that he was going to make us some night stands, I said,  "ok honey,"  kissed him and thought in my head "you go right ahead and do that." I didn't tell him that I thought we would end up with 4 wood legs and a piece of plywood for the top. I do it every time, I underestimate him. I never let him know that, but I have a bad habit of doing so.

To my surprise and to his credit, these night stands ROCK!!! He is really talented. I knew that all along, and deep down somewhere I knew that they would turn out cool.

 I was secretly disappointed when we walked through the furniture store so he could get an idea of what he was going to build, and we didn't buy anything. But I am glad he built them,I am proud of him,  he is proud of himself, and now we have awesome night stands.


And I have been begging Jared to make me a menu board. He didn't think I needed one so it took him a while. When I told him it was what I wanted for mothers day, he couldn't hold off any longer. So he made it for me and I LOVE IT!!


Jared made the board and painted it for me, yours truly painted the words on. It is the perfect addition to my kitchen, even if I don't use it every single week.


I have said it before and I will say it again, I love my talented man.

3 whole weeks

Photobucket"me?? I am 3 weeks old? Your kidding me."

6 weeks ago, I was three weeks from my c-section date. 6 weeks ago I thought that 3 weeks ago seemed so far away. I thought it would never come. Now it is 6 weeks later and Kem is 3 weeks old. WOW. The time has already flown by and I am absolutely in love with her.

I can't believe that 3 weeks ago, she was still inside of me. I didn't know what she looked like. I wondered every five minutes what color her hair was. I wanted to smell her and kiss her and hear her cry. I longed for a sleepless night because it meant she was here. AND NOW SHE IS!! Her hair is black. She smells like Burt's bees baby shampoo. I kiss her every 10 seconds and we are definitely trying to catch up on sleep.

she does a lot of this...

and it is a combined effort between mom, dad and k man to do the comforting.
"tis ok kemmy...twinkle twinkle, how I wonder you are." And an occasional "shut up" We are desperately trying to figure out where he learned that one, I swear it was not from one of us.

We are having the hardest time flipping kem's nights and days. With kroten it only took a few days, but with kem, she sleeps all day going 5 hours between feedings and wants to be awake all night and eat every two. So we spend all day trying to keep her awake. It is interesting to say the least. Unfortunately she still manages to do this all day...

needless to say, we do a lot of this...

Three whole weeks couldn't have gone faster... I am going to miss this.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

mini van

If I had to guess, I would say that Kroten's collection of matchbox cars has topped the charts at about 30 as of now. He has inherited all the cars from Jared's childhood, he has collected cars from birthdays and visits from grandmas and aunts, he has even scored a few cheap, but cool racers from cereal boxes.

You would think some nifty yellow hot rod, or a shiny red fire truck, maybe even a self propelled race car would be among his favorites, but it is not. Kroten's favorite car is an old, beat up mini van. Yes a mini van.

There have been several nights that Kroten has laid in bed and yelled across the house "van please... mommy, van please." I would even venture to say that Jared is a little ashamed that Kroten has not chosen a more manly vehicle, I think I heard him say the other day "why would any one make a mini van match box car?"


I don't know how to interpret his love for this mini van, but if it keeps him quite and helps him sleep, I will let him have the mini van.

Monday, August 09, 2010

On our own.

I feel like a different blogger these days. I feel like I just have been slapping up a whole bunch of unedited pictures and not writing. Where did all my writing skills go? I used to write witty things and cool captions. I used to spend time writing something meaningful rather than letting all the pictures do the talking. Kem is now an official part of my family and she isn't even in the blog header yet. I thought that my body was the only thing that I was going to have to work on getting back after having a baby, but now I am learning that I need to work on getting my blogging back too. We will see what I can do about that. But for now it is nap time and While I should be napping, I am going to quickly blog. and for writing sake, i wont even post any pictures with this one.

Jareds family officially left this morning. It is definitely bitter sweet. Bitter, for obvious reasons, they live across the country and we won't see them for a while. we loved having them here to visit, play with the babies and help out with the stuff I cant do like vacuuming. It is only sweet because managing twelve people, trying to entertain them all, mother a two year old who is potty training, take care of a newborn and recover from a c section while Deal with my post- partum hormones was a little too much for me to handle at times. (sorry if I came off as a grouch most of your visit.) We will miss them all deeply though.

But today was our official first day alone. It went smoother than expected. We went to the library and wal mart and then to the park for lunch. Now it is nap time. We had few meltdowns, no real tantrums (from kroten or myself) kem just wanted to eat all day, no potty accidents or diaper blow outs. We all are tired, but we are all still alive. I can't be 100% sure about this, but I think we might be able to survive this two kids thing... I'll let you know if that changes!

Oh and I lied... I must post at least one picture...


Saturday, August 07, 2010

Kemiry's first (of many) photo shoot.


I was super excited about having a photography subject who would do everything I tell them to... not the case. The only time she was cooperative was when she was asleep. Other than that, she was hungry or tired or uncomfortable. Her umbilical cord freaked me out so that was something to work around too, but it fell off, so another photo shoot is scheduled. I am going to love taking pictures of my little princess.




As for photography, I am super excited. This week I am doing an engagement shoot, senior shoot and a wedding. Keep your eyes open on for updates.

Monday, August 02, 2010

We love you Nana...

oh yes we do.


We love you Nana when skies are blue. 


You'll never know dear,
how much we love you.


Please don't take our Nana away.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


This post brought to you by percocet,  ib-profin and nap time (unfortunitly the percocet is almost gone.)... seriously life would not be possible without them.

Recovery this time around has been 10 times better and easier than after my c-section with Kroten. After kroten, I couldn't get out of bed by myself for a week, it hurt to laugh for 4 days and I couldn't sit up in bed to feed the baby without crying. This time I feel much better. I think it is because I didn't have to labor before the section and it is the second one. Much better.

You heard about my hospital stay, it was very relaxing...

The only thing that was worse this time around was my swelling. Look at how disgusting my feet were...Photobucket
it was horrible and it hurt.

I really really wanted to go to Target, and because my feet were swollen, they let me go, only if I put up my feet on the dash board.

Having Nana here has been a HUGE blessing. There is no way we could have done it without her. She cooks and cleans and holds baby girl, plays with k-man and folds my under-ware (that one is a little awkward, but I'll get over it.) Recovery would have been VERY interesting if she wasn't here to help.

How could I recover without this wonderful man...

Kroten has been wonderful to his baby sister. He has only acted out against her a few times. But overall he loves her. On the other hand, he has been acting out against me, he is getting better, but it has been really hard to love him unconditionally when he hits and screams at me. I do love him... I do love him... I do love him.
PhotobucketKroten giving Kemiry her first fist bump. They are going to be best friends.