Sunday, January 31, 2010

a steal of a deal

Your gunna wanna read this. TRUST ME.

I have other things to post, but this is very timely and you need to know this NOW! So I am going to put off telling you wonderful things just so that you can read this and get a steal of a deal and boost your food storage too. WHAT A GREAT DEAL!

I don't normally shop at Albertsons, for the sole purpouse that the other day their grapes were $4.99/LB. Yes I said that correctly $4.99/lb. Ridiculous. Ok, the grapes are not the only reason, but they represent a much bigger problem, Alberstons is far to expensive for my taste, any ones taste for that matter. Who would buy grapes for $4.99/lb? I hope those grapes rotted.

Ok so back on track... my mom told me that they were having an awsome sale, which i beleved, they usually come through with their sales, so we went. OMGoodness you will never beleive what I got...


My bill rang in $188.00 and the checker entered in my perfered card phone number which is actually my parents card number, I am too lazy to get my own FREE perfered card. The computer went tick tick tick for litterally two minutes and when it was done, my bill was $68.00. that is $120.00 saved. I bought $188 dollars worth of groceries for $68 dollars. That means that I would have spent three times what I did if it had not been on sale. Granted I would not have bought the quantity I did of each item, but if they are items that I regularly purchase, and they are, over the space of time that I would have bought them, I would have spent three times the amount that I did. The checker told everyone he saw in the next 3 minutes that I was there paying "this lady just saved $120.00. That is the biggest savings I have ever seen."


So stock up and save is a GREAT motto.

So what did I buy, and what should you be running to albertsons right now to go buy?

Select Quaker Cereals - $1.00 per box (when you buy 5)
Quaker Oatmeal - $1.00 per box (when you buy 5)
Chewy Granola Bars (Kroten's fav) - $1.00 per box (when you buy5)
{you can mix and match all the quaker stuff}
Select Post Cereals - $1.00 per box (when you buy 4)
Ragu - $1.00 each (when you buy 2) {With coupon}
Orville Redenbaucher Pop Corn - buy one, get one FREE and get two 2 liter bottle of soda FREE.
Milk - $1.99/gallon (when you buy 2)

And there were other things that we didnt buy too. Check the add before you go.

{Overheard while loading my cart FULL of Peanut Butter Crunch} We were looking at all the cereal and a couple walked by all the stuff and they were buying a few of the things off the shelf and the man was like "hey if we get 5 then they are only a buck each." (keen observation) and this is what his lady friend said... (I WAS APPAULED) "We don't need five boxes. What are we going to do with five boxes?" My jaw dropped and my mind started to do the math... She is willing to pay $3.50 for ONE box of cereal when she could pay $1.50 more and get 4 more boxes. What are you going to do with them, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THEM? UHHH.... eat them??? I could not beleive my ears.

This is serious stuff people. If you are interested in starting or adding to your food storage, this is a great time to do it. A couple boxes of cereal, some oatmeal and granola bars, how about some spaghetti sauce, these are all EXCELENT things to store away for a stormy day. We will deffinitly be using them. Don't forget to rotate them. We are not going to save them for a 2020 dissaster, but atleast we have a little stored incase something happens, like heaven forbid I eat the last bowl of peanut butter crunch before jared gets to it.

Photobucket See even Kroten J is happy about it. Or maybe it was that I didn't get to cook dinner because of our trip to Albertsons, so he got french fries.

Sale ends TUESDAY Febuary 2nd. SO GO!!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

dear morning sickness

please go away now!

we have been constant companions for about ten weeks now. You have worn out your stay. you were scheduled to leave but you have not, and you hang out on my couch, you keep mooching all the fun and all the food out of life.

please, please, please, for everyones sanity... go away!

everytime I throw up, I think to myself...
is this the last time?
is this over yet?
please please please be the last time.

I havent worn mascara in a month. I havent fully enjoyed food for 2 months. I have only gained one pound (the one and only perk) I hate the irony of throwing up because I am starving, I miss digesting food, I miss energy, I cannot wait to crave food, I cannot wait to get fat. I cannot wait to stop being sick!

It was a good run, it has been fun, but please leave me and my innocent family alone.

Love your host

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Kroten is completely obsessed with hats. I am pretty sure that it stems from the fact that his father is always wearing a baseball cap. I always thought it was difficult to get kids to wear hats, that they never leave it on, no matter how cute they look.

We have the opposite problem with this kid, he won't take it off. When he wakes up in the morning he asks for his hat, tapping his head pretty hard (that is the sign for hat) and yelling "aht, aht, aht." that is how is says it. When he goes to bed at night, we have to fight to put it away.

I am not exaggerating when I say that he is completely obsessed.

Photobucket He will take any hat he can get. This is my winter hat that he found in a pile of winter clothes.
(Yes this picture is very revealing of the lifestyle we lead, stay in your PJ's all day long and eat chocolate cookies. You only have one life to live!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

to section or not to section...

As you may remember, I had to have a C-section with Kroten. I have known ever since that time, that I had a fairly difficult choice to make, to section or not to section, with the second baby. Well, that time has come. It is a very difficult choice, and one that I will probably meddle over until I am laying in the hospital bed. But I am forced to visit with this decision now.

It is a really hard choice, because if I have a C-section this time, the chances of turning back with a third baby are even tougher, well, there really is little to no turning back after the second section. But I have weighed my options, talked with my doctor, and really listened to my inner self and I THINK I have come to a decision. If you would like to journey with me on my thought process, you are more than welcome to, if not, you can leave this post unread and it can go in the journal entry file for my own documentation sake.

The doctor had some very good advice for me. First off he told me that he is pro V-bac, (Vaginal birth after C-section) but that he is willing to do anything I feel comfortable with. WHEW... that was a huge relief for me. I was so worried about getting a doctor that was pushy and would make me feel horrible for whatever choice I made. He told us that there are truly only two reasons to actually do a V-bac...

1. If you would like to have a large family. (more than 4 kids)

2. If you have a desire or need to deliver vaginally. (whatever makes you feel like a real women I guess.)

He continued to give me the facts. He said that this delivery can go one of three ways...

1. I could have a fabulous labor and delivery and we all would be happy. (33% chance)

2. It could end up just like last time and result in 16 hours of labor and another C-section. (67% chance)

3. or we could just do a C-section.

He then told me that in his experience, the recovery after the C-section was much faster and more pleasant with out the laboring beforehand. He also said that you won't be as tired just after the section and seeing the baby for the first time and getting to spend time with it is so much nicer because you won't be tired from the labor part. This is excellent because with Kroten I had been up since 5 am and it was 1 am before I actually went to sleep for the first time all day. seeing my boy was fabulous, but after no sleep and being in labor all day, I was SO tired that I literally could not keep my eyes open.

He was very good to let us know that the 33% chance of a successful V-bac can be misleading and that it can be a very good experience. He was very confident in letting me know that this number should not sway me automatically to have a c-section.

Jared and I have talked about this pretty extensively and we both agree and feel good about our decision. I feel very strongly that...

1. we most likely will not have 5 kids.

2. I have NO desire and NO need to deliver a baby down stairs. I was SUPER nervous about it the first time and sort of relieved when i didn't have to do it, and I would be just as SUPER nervous about it this time. I feel like just as much of a women as any other regularly delivered women. I am proud of my scar and I am proud of what I went through. I totally have respect for the process and any women who has done it, and I would gladly do it if the circumstances were different, but I do not feel a need nor a desire to do it, especially since there are some risks involved.

3. I have recovered from a c-section before and it was not that bad, plus the week of down time is fantastic. I literally did not touch a diaper for a whole week. Bonus plus, both Jared's mom and my mom will be here so I will have plenty of hands to help me get out of bed and take care of Kroten.

4. There is no waiting game, we will schedule it, and I will know the day and time that I will get to see my new little one. Jared is particularly happy about this because the 16 hours while I labored with Kroten was "so boring" for him. (you probably cannot sense the sarcasm when I say that, but seriously, I was trying to have a baby, and he was bored... seriously?) Its OK, I still love him, and he was a great support.

If you have not come to any conclusions yet, I am leaning towards a C-section. But this all can change, and I think about it all the time. I am nervous to make such a huge decision. A decision that can change a lot of factors like how big our family will be. But I will not make this choice blindly, I will consider all the facts, and most importantly my Father in Heaven will have a HUGE impact on my choice. Like I said, this all could change 5 minutes before the baby is born.

We will have to wait and see.

Friday, January 22, 2010



Everytime he starts to go, he gets scared and looks down there. It is pretty cute. I am not in any hurray to get it done, right now we will just take it at his pace, but you have to admit, he is pretty cute.

-No he is not pushing, this is his smile.

-No I don't normally let him play with a bottle of pills, the vitamins are something interesting to keep him sitting on the potty. He thinks he is done sitting after 30 seconds.

-No he has not had a succesful potty yet, everytime we change his diaper he says potty and runs right in there, so i figure we will let him do that till he is ready.

-Yes that is an IKEA potty.

-and yes I have a freaking cute kid.

Friday, January 15, 2010

pregnancy brain

They say that during your first trimester of pregnancy you can become a little forgetful. They call it pregnancy brain, brain fog, and pregnancy forgetfulness. I don't remember having it when I was pregnant with Kroten, but I definitely have it this time. BAD! I feel like I have someone else's brain, it is not like me to be this ditsy. I forget appointments, I have forgotten and skipped meetings, I have done the stupidest things, but nothing as stupid as what I did today.

(I cannot believe I am going to tell this story.)

Today Kroten and I went to Old Navy to use a gift card I got for Christmas (thanks Jason and Melissa, I LOVE IT!) I was running late and supposed to go pick up Jared at 4, it was now 3:58. So I put Kroten in the car seat and got him situated with his drink and snack and started to drive away. I was on the road about to turn onto the freeway when I looked in my review mirror to check on my son and realized that...
(I cannot believe that I did that. I have never, ever done that before.)
So I threw my seat belt off, flipped around and buckled him in the best I could. The light turned green and I finished buckling him with one hand. I still cannot believe that I did that.

What else am I going to forget???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

like father, like son.

I seriously don't know if I should think this is cute, horrifying, or OK. I don't know if I should laugh about it, cry, start an intervention or just let it be. But this is what I found today...


Kroten, who has an attention span of 1.526 minutes depending on the mode of entertainment, was in MY bed playing daddy's PSP video game. It was turned on and he was pushing buttons as though he was really controlling the race car. I think he seriously thought that he was playing the game. The best part was that he played for probably 12 minutes before I made him stop so he could eat lunch. I am fairly confident that he would have kept playing if I didn't intervene.


This video is sideways cause I am an idiot, but far too cute not to post. I love this little boy with all my heart. Video games or not!

Is it too early to say no video games till your chores are done?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am most definitely a slacker!

I promise I will post soon.

Friday, January 08, 2010

I am most deffinitly pregnant.

Besides seeing the little bugger on the ultrasound, there are several other things that have me convinced that I am indeed pregnant.

I am getting fatter.
I am CONSTANTLY nauseous.
I have the sense of smell of a wolf.
Anything that smells worse than a rose makes me gag.
If I don't eat every 45 minutes I get more nauseous.
Nothing but Taco Bell ever sounds good.
Things that used to taste good are gross now.
I can't bring myself to eat cottage cheese.
I wake up at 7 am NO MATTER WHAT. (same thing when I was pregnant with Kroten)
I have dreamt about the new baby.
I swear I have felt it kick, but I think it is just gas.
Flying, and especially landing was HORRIBLE.
I haven't gone more than two days without throwing up in more than 5 weeks.
I somehow skipped out on the flu (twice) while everyone around me had it. (I am convinced that this is due to the pregnancy)
If I stand up too fast or sneeze I get a sharp pain in my lower abdomen.
I am always tired.
I can't stop thinking about baby names.
I cry (no bawl)while watching a baby story on TLC.
I cry when I watch commercials.
Kroten is just looking so big to me, I notice more and more everyday that he is becoming a big boy and soon a big brother.

We are excited, a little nervouse, super sick and pretty much miserable, but when the second trimester hits I am sure it will get much better. I am due July 28th, so a little ways off, but I am happy for the time to prepare and so excited for the ride ahead.