Friday, May 28, 2010

who birthday is today???



Where have the last two years gone? How did you get so big, and so smart and so cute? How did that happen? How did you learn to talk? Who taught you to make me laugh so hard? When did you learn to pray? How did you learn to walk, run, play, jump? When did you get so many teeth? When did that all happen?

How did you have time in the little time we have had together to turn two??



I will forever and ever and ever...

Love mommy.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

my new motto

"Don’t let fear of failure discourage you. Don’t let the voice of critics paralyze you—whether that voice comes from the outside or the inside."

- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Friday, May 21, 2010

living vicariously

There may be a teeny, tiny, little part of me that may or may not be a little jealous of all the kids going to prom right now. There may or may not be a little, tiny part of me that wishes I could get all dressed up and pretty and go for a romantic date night with a knight in shinning armor, and dance all night long. There is a HUGE part of me that wishes I could fit into a prom dress, and not feel like a pregnant senior, lol. I am however, not sad to be missing out on all drama and yuckiness involved in high school.

So to satisfy this teeny tiny place in my mind, I helped my little sister Karly get all ready for prom. We went dress shopping and jewelry shopping, I did her hair and then I took some photos of her. It was fun.

I know posting these pictures of her on here will go to her head, but I was so proud of how they turned out, I couldn't help posting them. Lets just say I am excited about my vicarious prom experience.






Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Here fishy fishy

The park near our house had a free fishing day. To be honest it was kinda lame. They had maybe 50 fish wrangled of in a 6x6 square in the kiddie pool, and there was probably 60 kids plus both of their parents crowded around the pool trying to catch these fish.

I am pretty sure that Kroten and Xander loved it though. Xander just wanted to cast his line in, and all Kroten cared about was reeling it in, I think he liked the clicking noise the reel made.

Together with another kid, they caught one fish, I think it was officially on Kroten's hook, but there were three lines tangled together when it came in. A fun saturday activity, better than sitting around watching "VT" that is for sure.

Kroten loves his Papa.

I love Xander's face in this shot, I think he was thoroughly disgusted by the fish.

Jared is my man, I would NEVER ever touch a fish!

Love that boy, I think he may be a fisherman.


And of course we can't go to the park without playing.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Kroten is "all better."

Thank goodness!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


All three of us woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Jared was helping Kroten say the prayer before breakfast and this is part of the prayer they said...

"Dear Hevenly Father
...please bless that we'll be in good moods..."

This is what Kroten said...

"Dear Hevenly Father...
Please bless that booby in good boobs. "

Lets just say it helped.
Thank goodness for answered prayers.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Toxic Synovitis

Sorry, no wordless wednesday today. I wanted to get this posted while it is still relevant news.

Two days ago, Kroten started complaining that his knee hurt. "knee, owie... hurt" A few hours later he stopped walking. I thought he was just being a little over dramatic about a bruise he may have gotten while at grandmas house. He reverted back to crawling for the rest of the night. The next morning he continued to crawl and refused to walk.

I am not the kind of mom that calls the doctor at the first sign of pain, but unfortunately I tend to be the kind of mom that calls too late, like when kroten had hives and by the time we FINALLY went to the doctor, it was gone and now we have no idea what he had an allergic reaction to, that one is a fun constant watch for me now. Any who, I decided I better call the doctor to see if this no walking thing should be a concern. Well, they told us to come right in. Long story short, they diagnosed him with Toxic Synovitis. Which she said sounds scary, but hopefully it is a minor case. In english it is basically a cold in the hip. Weird I know. It is just inflammation and mucus yuckiness in the hip joint. She said that most of the time, children will say the pain is in their knee when it is really in the hip. Makes more sense, since he was able to crawl on his knees. She told us to give him IB profin for the inflammation and to call her tomorrow. If it isn't any better, we need to do some blood work.

Ok thank-you lets leave now.... NOPE!

You know how the sheet you fill out before you see the doctor asks you all these stupid questions that dont relate to the condition you are seeing them for like, "does you two year old son have a missed or irregular period?"

Well, Kroten just happened to have some eye discharge the last couple of days, so I circled it. As we were getting ready to walk out, she asked about it and I explained it to her. She said, "let me check out his ears." Makes sense, his knee hurts, its a hip problem, his eyes are goopy, she wants to look at his ears, OK? Anyway, it turns out he has a double ear infection as well. The eye crap is drainage from his ears. I haven't noticed any ear problems, except he has been waking up in the middle of the night for about a week. Thank goodness for silly questions that don't relate to the actual problem.

This is a very mild and cleaned up look at his eyes. Funny how they get worse after the doctor tells you what is wrong.

So now we are on a twice a day medicine regimen where I pump K-man with 4 different liquids.

Lets just say that we will be taking it easy today.

PS. Kroten is walking today, which means no more doctor, and I woke up this morning with a HUGE charley horse. Jared thought I was in labor. LOL! (the pain wasn't so funny.)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kroten tells it how it is.

Kroten is getting sillier and sillier as time goes on. I just love his bubbly personality and all the things he is doing. Here are two videos we took recently of his awesomeness (wow, that is a real word, spell check even corrected it for me!).

This first video is pure awesomeness (it the word of the day now.) Kroten has been babbling like crazy. I can tell he is going to start forming sentences soon because he is putting lots of sounds together. My question is, does he think that he is saying something valid or does he know it is just gibberish? Every once in a while there is a real word in there, and by real word, I mean only a word that his mommy would understand. I will translate for you...

Just listen for these words mixed in with the jumble...
...EEWW, thats yucky... Gross... play.

No it doesn't make much sense, but I dont care, cutest thing EVER. (And yes he needs a diaper change, BAD!)

Kroten is really into songs right now. He tells us to sing and then just listens and when you are done he claps and says YAY and then says one more. If I am singing and Jared is not, he points at Jared and demands "sing." We have been trying to get him to sing and he refuses, but one day he just started doing this (what is in the video). It took us a few minutes to process what he was doing and then it hit me. Kroten may say that he HATES nursery, but I will not give up on it, it seems he is learning something in there even though he cries the whole time.

Here is "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" as performed by the talented and short attention spanned Kroten J.

Translation: a sunBEAM... jump... flip... oh boom... FUN... Car (under the couch)

I love him with all my little heart.
Mommy love you Kroten J.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

28 weeks...going on 35

28 weeks, wow, that is 7 months. This pregnancy has flown by. But 2 1/2 months still seems so far away.

I went to the doctor this week and it was by far the worst appointment so far. I got a shot in my butt and had to take the glucose test. YUCK. You have to drink a REALLY REALLY sugary drink and then get your blood drawn. I have horrifically small veins so it is always really painful to get my blood drawn. They took it from my hand, yucky.

Then, the doctor told me that my uterus is measuring at 35 weeks, not 28 weeks. I was shocked and asked what does that mean? He just said it means she is going to be a big baby. Thank goodness I am already planning on a C-section. But he didn't seem worried, there is still time and she might have just gone through a growth spurt.

I went home and looked up what that means, and found this picture that helps explain it.

I am supposed to be at 28 weeks, but am measuring at 35. WOW, he didn't change the due date or anything, so we will see what happens. I am a little nervous that it means I have Gestational diabetes, but we will see. Jared says that I am a hypochondriac.

We are getting close, I am super excited.

PS still no name yet.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

my cup was filled

(Editors note: this is a journal post from a few weeks ago, so it is a little out of date, but I just had to record it for my personal "never forget" archives. )
I have had the hardest time with sundays lately. My friend wrote a blog post about how much she loves sundays, and I must say I was super jealous. I am a little ashamed to admit that for a while now it has been the worst day of the week for me, I actually dreaded it.

Between working night shift and Kroten hating nursery, it was easier to just say lets not go then to suck it up. I was spending more time comforting or entertaining a rambunctious two year old than I was thinking about the savior. Not to mention I was exhausted because I had just got off work and most sundays I still had to stay up all night and do one more shift for the week. Most sundays I felt more drained than filled.

But this sunday, I believe I had a break through. It was a wonderful sunday. Same story. I had just got off work, I still had to work that night, and Kroten still cried the whole time he was in nursery. But something was different, I have NO idea what it was except maybe a tender mercy from the lord, but I feel I especially needed this one good Sabbath day to sustain me.

It seemed all the talks and lessons were EXACTLY what I needed. It was all stuff that I have already had in my mind to start applying, but this was just a nice push to do what i already knew I needed to do. And so I dont forget, I wanted to record some of the things I learned and really want to apply in my life.

The bishop spoke in sacrament and he gave a wonderful talk about just doing our best. He told a story that particularly motivated me... During a primary program the primary children sang a song called home is... one little boy was having the hardest time remembering the words to the song. He didn't sing at all except when the line "home is" came around. And boy did he sing it. The only thing you could hear during that line was this little boys voice sing "home is" It was silly and maybe a little irreverent, but it didn't matter to the bishop. What he pointed out was that this little boy may not have known all the words, but what he did know, he gave it all he had.

I love that and it is exactly what I need to hear right now. Sometimes I get so discouraged because there are WAY to many things on my to do list, so then nothing gets done. But what the bishop said struck a cord with me. If I just give life my best and all I have everyday, I am doing fine. And it may not be perfect and it may be silly or incomplete, but my Heavenly Father will love it. Jared might think otherwise when the house isn't clean, but I know I did my best.

Another thing that struck me was more just a pound it in my head kind of thing. The Relief Society lesson was on Home and Families. It posed three question or goal prompts that I really need right now.

1. Who and what are you going to do to serve someone in your family?
2. What gospel principles are you going to strive to live better?
3. What righteous habits are you going to establish in your home?

All very relevant questions in my life. I have really been thinking about these things. I feel like i need to serve Jared better by cleaning and keeping clean the house better. I know I need to read my scripture and pray more diligently. And we have been meaning and meaning to have Family Home Evening every week. This lesson was a nice reminder after the one bishop gave that I need to work harder and give it my best.

It was wonderful to have my cup FINALLY filled. Maybe I am even looking forward to next Sunday just a little.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sunday, May 02, 2010



- is 35'' tall and 26 lbs. and his head is huge 20''
- ditched the highchair for the booster seat
- can go up and down the stairs all by himself
- says "tada" when he burps
- went poop on the potty ONCE
- loves trains and planes and cars
- knows that we read scriptures before bed and then say prayer
- is a bully, he punched his cousin yesterday
- still thinks the baby is in his tummy
- LOVES to rough house and wrestle
- says that everything mommy wears is "cuuute"
- still insists on wearing a hat
- loves baseball and watches it on ESPN with daddy
- plays the Wii along side daddy and won't let mommy play
- loves to video chat with Jema, nanna and carol
- says "ow-side" nonstop
- still hates nursery
- sits in the laundry basket and says "push! push!"
- says "help you" instead of "help me"
- loves candles and blowing them out
- is learning his colors, but everything is either yellow or purple
- can count to 5 sometimes skips 3
- sometimes goes all the way to 7,9, TEN!!!
- W is his favorite letter and it is followed by Y, ZEEEE!!
- has been saying "dangit" lately
- is scared of the vacuum
- has been biting himself in an act of rebellion
- goes straight to bed, if we do his whole bed time routine
- has more energy than a wild animal
- can say prayer with help, but he signs every word he says
- has never climbed out of his crib (thank goodness)
- Loves Shoes and says "shoon-on" over and over
- gets into mommies makeup and says "pretty"
- is ALL boy
- loves to watch V, but only when he thinks it is bed time
- thinks the "puter" (computer) is so cool.
- asks to watch signing time ALL THE TIME!
- HAS to sleep with two animals and a sippy of water
- is the cutest most wonderful boy in the world
- gets on my last nerve sometimes