Friday, January 29, 2010

dear morning sickness

please go away now!

we have been constant companions for about ten weeks now. You have worn out your stay. you were scheduled to leave but you have not, and you hang out on my couch, you keep mooching all the fun and all the food out of life.

please, please, please, for everyones sanity... go away!

everytime I throw up, I think to myself...
is this the last time?
is this over yet?
please please please be the last time.

I havent worn mascara in a month. I havent fully enjoyed food for 2 months. I have only gained one pound (the one and only perk) I hate the irony of throwing up because I am starving, I miss digesting food, I miss energy, I cannot wait to crave food, I cannot wait to get fat. I cannot wait to stop being sick!

It was a good run, it has been fun, but please leave me and my innocent family alone.

Love your host


Anonymous said...

awww. poor krissy. get a preggo pop. :) Morning sickness doesnt like those. lol

Deidra Smith said...

Oh, I hear you. Morning sickness is the biggest reason I'm not pregnant again and if my husband has his way-never will be again. Sorry, hang in there:)

Tara Barros said...

lol. love it. But sorry you are dealing with it. Seriously-why doesn't it realize that it is not welcome?

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

sounds like me...or used to be. I lost 20 lbs because of morning sickness during my first 3 months or so. And now...i've gained pretty much it all back. lol. oh well.

BECKY said...

Wait until 18 weeks... I think it has gone now!!

Lemme said...

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rachel said...

oh girl, i hope it ends soon for you.

Michelene said...

I forgot to tell you that you wanted to be invited to my blog, but you never left an email where I could reach you. I know it's probably not on the high end of your things to do list, but when you get around to it, send me an email address. In the meantime feel better.

Meg said...

Not fun. Hope you feel much better soon.

And, I love your new blog header. LOVE.