Friday, January 08, 2010

I am most deffinitly pregnant.

Besides seeing the little bugger on the ultrasound, there are several other things that have me convinced that I am indeed pregnant.

I am getting fatter.
I am CONSTANTLY nauseous.
I have the sense of smell of a wolf.
Anything that smells worse than a rose makes me gag.
If I don't eat every 45 minutes I get more nauseous.
Nothing but Taco Bell ever sounds good.
Things that used to taste good are gross now.
I can't bring myself to eat cottage cheese.
I wake up at 7 am NO MATTER WHAT. (same thing when I was pregnant with Kroten)
I have dreamt about the new baby.
I swear I have felt it kick, but I think it is just gas.
Flying, and especially landing was HORRIBLE.
I haven't gone more than two days without throwing up in more than 5 weeks.
I somehow skipped out on the flu (twice) while everyone around me had it. (I am convinced that this is due to the pregnancy)
If I stand up too fast or sneeze I get a sharp pain in my lower abdomen.
I am always tired.
I can't stop thinking about baby names.
I cry (no bawl)while watching a baby story on TLC.
I cry when I watch commercials.
Kroten is just looking so big to me, I notice more and more everyday that he is becoming a big boy and soon a big brother.

We are excited, a little nervouse, super sick and pretty much miserable, but when the second trimester hits I am sure it will get much better. I am due July 28th, so a little ways off, but I am happy for the time to prepare and so excited for the ride ahead.


Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

once again...congrats. are you guys hoping for a boy again or a girl??

Katie said...

Gotta love being pregnant huh?? Lol, you are a trooper Kristen! I bet you'll be feeling the little bugger soon, so awesome. Congrats again!

Lakes are Great said...

congrats guys! maybe i should be pregnant all the time so i never get the stomach flu. then again if you are throwing up anyways it all cancels out anyways right?

BECKY said...

I can't eat a piece of bread without gagging still! SO WEIRD!!! So excited for you. :)

Kirsten and Jonathan said...

So excited for you guys. Hope you start feeling better soon. "Morning"sickness is the worst, I had it 24/7 for 16 weeks with each pregnancy, I don't miss that part. Love you!!!

Michelene said...

I cried while watching a baby story, too. I was never super emotional with the other two, but this one, I cry all the time. And I get my feelings hurt very easily. He hasn't complained, but I bet shaun can't wait until things settle down again.

rachel said...

You know, there's a time and a season for everything and I think my season of having babies has come to an end. So reading this post (as hard as being nauseous is!) I sorta kinda miss it.
Good luck, hang in there... this too shall pass. HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

Forellen - german for trout.
Laschs - german for salmon.
Krake - german for octopus.

teehee >_<

Karen said...

I never could watch a baby story when I was pregnant--too hard to be ignore what was coming that way but loved watching it when Sarah and Tara were pregnant because I could just enjoy the process and be excited for the end result.

Ging said...

Congratulations. May you be blessed with a fiery redhead-which directly translates to a girl. But a brother would be equally wonderful.