Saturday, June 26, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle.

Kroten lusts after the neighbors bikes everyday. You should see how his eyes light up when they let him ring the bell. So when I was driving past goodwill and saw this beauty sitting outside with a big red price tag on it, I had to flip a U-turn (not really, they are illegal in Oregon.) But I did go back and buy this bike for 5 bucks. Granted the batteries to make it play its cool tunes were 10 bucks, and the stickers are all peeling off, but none the less, kman got his ride and I only spent 5 bucks.


He won't use the petals, he just scoots. So Jared had to try and show him how it's done.

The bike makes walks very pleasant for me because we have to go slow. I love it.
This is as close to a family photo as we are going to get till I loose at-least 50 pounds.

Now Kroten can ride his bike into the sunset as much as he wants... or at-least till bedtime.


Deidra Smith said...

What a good mommy. We lucked out and had a hand-me-down from older siblings ready for Brancyn this year. It is used DAILY! I'm sure Kroten is going to love it. And my kids usually don't get the peddles either the first year-or at least not until the end of summer,but that's ok, they get waaay to fast for me to catch up once they figure them out. It's kind of nice if they are a little older so they can understand the rules of when and where they can go.

Ging said...

I love to go to D.I. I always leave feeling happy. Nice work there Mommy. BTW your pictures are always a lovely story of their own. I like your family picture- a clever post.

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, that pic of Jared is hilarious! You guys are so funny. Raleigh is getting a bike for his bday too! Twinners!!! lol

BECKY said...

SO FUN! Nice find!