Thursday, June 24, 2010

on my mind today...

-There is a little piece of floss stuck in my upper permanent retainer, and it sucks.

-There is 3 weeks worth of laundry waiting to be folded. How is it that it seems like just yesterday I was so excited about the fact that every bit of laundry was clean and folded. The only dirty clothes in the house were the ones on our bodies. Then today there is three weeks worth to be folded? That isn't counting the load that is still in the dryer from two days ago.

This Kroten "helping" me fold the laundry. Yes he is wearing and stretching out a baby hat. Yes he is trying to put one of my shirts on with his feet. Yes that shirt had previously been folded.

-I am so exited for fourth of July. It is going to be a great day.

-We need a new garbage can in the kitchen.

-I am exhausted. Not just physically... purely exhausted.

-Dinner was so yummy last night. Navajo Tacos are definitely one of our favorites.

-I am fully enjoying eating deep fried scones now while it is ok to gain 5 pounds a month.

- Is the feeling of inadequacy and the constant need for validation a pregnancy hormone, or should I be worried?

-Just keep saying, I love the two year old... I love the two year old... I love the two year old!

-My back hurts.

-My house is a mess and I am too exhausted to nest.

-I want to start home preschool for kman, does anyone have any good advice or know of any good books?

-I failed miserably at making these...
Maybe I will try again?

-I really can't pick Kroten up any more. It takes all my energy just to put him on the changing table.

- We are out of spray-n-wash. What ever are we going to do?

-Why is it that when I desperately need a bobby pin there isn't one within a mile; however when I don't need one, they are over taking my house like a bad infestation of ants? To make things worse, it seems that lightning Mcqueen has been eating them. I picked up kman's car and it pooped out about 15 bobby pins.

-I know TV rots children's brains, but at this point, I dont care that we have watched "UP" twice today.

-Is it bad to wish preterm labor on myself?

-Remember to ask the doctor if he is sure that there is no baby in my love handles and thighs, there seems to be a lot of extra stuff there.

-I wish this is how it worked...

-I just want to lay down for two weeks and have someone wait on me hand and foot. Can I go on bed rest?

-My hubby is in school from 7 am to 5 pm. My mother is out of town and my best friend lives an hour away. I think I may be feeling lonely. I am pretty sure it is pregnancy hormones, but none-the-less, I still feel lonely.

-I organized all the sewing stuff, it took all day. But now I should probably sew something. I dont wanna.

-I think I am going to take a bubble bath.

-wow, 4 weeks is only 28 days!!!!

-How horrible is it that I can't stand and fold laundry for more than 15 min without feeling like I just ran a mile.

-Nap-time... mmmm!

-Other people feel this way sometimes too. Right?


BECKY said...

keep on keepin' on love. hugs!

Matthew and Hillary said...

Haha, no you're definitely not the only one feeling overwhelmed and all those other things. The end of pregnancy is tough...hang in there my friend!

DaNae said...

No wonder you are exhausted, I got tired just reading about your projects, food you made, and a 2 year old to boot. The end is in sight. I seriously feel you on the bobby pin thing. Lately I have been buying a package of bobbys every week because I keep losing them!!

Katie said...

You rock! I remember the loneliness, exhaustion, sleepiness, and agitation that come with being 8 months pregnant and having a two year old. I wish we could sit down together and talk about this whole post. But I'm pretty sure we'd both fall asleep, HAHA! is awesome. I packed my sewing stuff up at 8 months and plan to open it up in a week or two. I wish I was there to do your laundry, I am a laundry fanatic. I remember wishing bedrest on myself too. Um, etc.

PS I LOVE the pic of Kroten with the pink hat on.... him and Raleigh would get along fabulously! Silly boys : )

Tara Barros said...

check, check, check, check....sounds like my day!

Tara Barros said...

seriously though, good luck.

teamZ said...

Needing constant reassurance, feeling overwhelmed, wanting plenty of TLC and rest. Yep, it's a pregnancy thing. (Boy, am I there!)

Sam and Josh said...

Kristen I love you! You are such a great Mom to Kroten! He is the happiest little boy I have ever met! Not to mention he is super smart! You rock as a bestest friend and you are the sexiest pregnant lady I have ever seen! Come to Salem and swim with me! I love you!

Amanda said...

I am currently staring at a ginormous pile of laundry on our couch. It's been there for two days already.

Maybe I'll go fold it now.

Also, your muffins look yummy. What are they?

Kenz said...

Kirsten I believe in you! Whenever I feel like that I remember this talk from a couple of conferences ago. SO good!

Kirsten said...

you are so amazing Kristen. Such a wonderful post. Seriously you need to come over and swim in the pool. Love you!!!

quincy said...

The only thing constant is laundry!
Hang in there, Mama! You are awesome!

Brandon and Sarah said...

I got so upset the other day when I could only unload the dishwasher before getting exhausted. It didn't get loaded til the next day, and by then there were two loads worth of dishes. One day we will all have energy, in the mean time, enjoy just growing a baby and knowing your energy is not being wasted in the least!

Ashlee said...

Ummm...are you in my head??? That was really strange for me to read my thoughts.
I LOVE that stick figure cartoon!

Karen said...

Several things: I'm totally impressed your laundry made it out of the laundry room and you know how long it had been there. Second, still making dinner? Scones and muffins at that. Very impressive. And lastly, doesn't look like anyone one in your family is suffering (except you, I'm sorry poor baby) so just sit back and enjoy. No one but you is thinking you should do more than you are. We all think you're amazing, join our club okay?!