Saturday, December 31, 2011

where did this year go?

About a year ago, I bought some square frames (thanks B for the idea) to make a wall collage of pictures of the kids from the previous year. My plan was to change them out around new years each year. I can proudly say that I have successfully done that this year. 
{Thanks walgreens for the free prints.}

This is a picture of the pictures from 2010 that I just took down and the 2011 ones that I just put up.

I thought the pictures I chose for the frames made a really good summary of the past year.

1. Kem throws her share of temper tantrums, infact, I think she may be ahead of the curve for her age group on this one. 
2. Kroten has gained a lot of confidence on the play ground this year. It scares me how daring he is. a year ago, he would not even go down this slide, and now he goes head first. 
3. I cannot believe how much she has grown in just one year. This is a picture of a baby, she is not  a baby anymore. 
4. Kman LOVES to swing, it is kinda his thing. Not so fun part is that he refuses to learn to pump his legs, so we have to stand there and push him till he is done swinging. 
5. Just us on one of our few and far between precious dates. Life is crazy and hectic to say the least. 
6.  Kem turned ONE!!! and she ate her cake like a pro.
7. It snowed one day in February of 2011 and that was enough for us. Also Kroten loves hats. He would wear one all day every day if he could.
8.  She is my baby bug. She will always be my baby, but I know I am going to miss her being this little.
9. There seems to be a pattern with the pictures and K man. He is a mover. He likes to go go go. He got these skates for his b day.

As I was searching for pictures, I found myself thinking over and over how much these kiddos have changed. I cannot believe how long one year is in baby time. They both have grown and changed both in good and bad ways. 

Where did this year go? 

Kem started the year off as a baby, and now she is a toddler. She is walking and talking and making decisions. I cannot believe how much she has grown this year...

Kroten has a spit fire personality. He is super defiant and no punishment tactic seems to work on him. He is definitely his own man. And he has definitely been my challenge this year, and the reason #39 on my new years resolutions is to yell less. He  has grown a lot this year too, he started preschool and is learning all kinds of things. 

WOW, what a year... and here goes another!!

one more resolution on my list, to total 51...
slow down and enjoy life, it is flying by me way to fast. 


Anonymous said...

What a fun idea. I need to do something like that. Your kiddos have sure grown a lot and are just as cute as ever.

Mr. and Mrs. Hillarious said...

It is amazing how much they change. I love the pictures on the wall! So darling. Thanks for your comments about my goals. You made my day. Oh should really check out Raising Your Spirited Child. My first is definitely a spit fire, too, and the book has helped me at least understand the situation a lot and we're definitely working on learning to enjoy and use his spiritedness in good ways. :)

Mr. and Mrs. Hillarious said...

It's by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka