Monday, December 12, 2011

an adventurous tree

We have an ongoing debate in our home over christmas trees. I have always, every single year of my entire life, had a real christmas tree. so naturally I want to continue with that. Jared on the other hand feels that financially and logically a fake tree would be better. I win every time. :)

This year however, I compromised, financially at least. Instead of going to a tree farm and spending $30 on the perfect tree, we spent $5 on a tag to go cut down our own in the woods. Lets just say it was an adventure.

There are advantages and disadvantages to cutting down your own tree in the woods.

a family adventure                        
excited to see the snow                
a nice drive to the woods                       
a hunt for an awesome tree          

an ungroomed tree
no snow to be found
Gas money
a hunt for an awesome tree
scrawny, mangey trees
pine needles

You get the idea. It was an adventure.


This puddle of ice was as close as we got to seeing snow. :(

then Kman wanted to take some picures. We got LOTS of pictures such as the following...

And TONS more like this one...

We finnally found the one (don't ask me why k man is wearing sunglasses and no coat.)

We got it in our living room and realized that we didn't get away with as much of a beauty as we thought. IT WAS HUGE and poofy and mangey. So I gave it a hair cut. 

It looked much better when I was done. Jared about had a heart attack when he saw how much I cut off. 

And so we decorated it...

My favorite ornaments are the glittery balls that I got on SUPER clearance at walmart a few years ago. They make me happy. 

And the cheap plastic snowflakes. LOVE them. I think I am a sucker for glitter.
It was a pain, and an adventure, but our tree is here and lighting our home. I love it and its uniqueness. 

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rachel said...

that picture of your little miss with her binky looking at the tree is precious beyond words. will you live with me and just take pictures of my kids daily??