Monday, December 26, 2011

is it christmas-y yet?

Kroten kept saying "we cannot open presents till it is christmas-y" and kept asking "is it christmas-y yet?" I am pretty sure that he heard us talking about christmas eve, but alas, christmas-y came. 

We spend Christmas eve every year with our close friends, eating awesome food and playing charades. This year was no dissapointment...

Can you guess what they are acting out? LOL.

Kman just watched movies on Suzann's phone the whole time. I thought he was so cute because the headphones were to big, so he wore a pot holder on his head all night. 

Then santa came. It was so much fun. kroten really brought the magic of Santa back to me. I loved playing santa for someone who believed. 

Our final christmas loot...

Christmas morning was a ton of fun. Kem was a little bit of a brat, but I figured out half way through that she was teething... Tylenol solved that problem and then she was happy as could be. Unfortunately I learned that there is an attention span on present opening. We will probably have less next year. 

Kroten ran into our room and yelled, we got a trampoline. I asked him who brought it, and he said "Suzanne." so the santa thing did not sink in as much as I thought it would. 

Then he ran into the living room again and came back with the santa hat and told us that santa must have left it. Whew, I am glad that worked out. HAHA. 

My baby girls is big enough for dress up. bittersweet. 

But most importantly... we are so grateful for our savior jesus christ who gave us the greatest gift, his life, so that we may return to live with him. We praise his name and celebrate his life on this and every day. 


BECKY said...

so fun! we got e a doll too. :) and she was teething on xmas. gosh, why don't they just copy each other?!

Chellie said...

Love your pictures! And your little girl is sooo cute!