Saturday, December 24, 2011

santa clause is coming... TONIGHT!!!!

This has been an interesting year for christmas in our house.

Kemiry still has no idea what is going on and couldn't care less that there is shiny ornaments on the tree and presents strung all over the living room. Everyone keeps telling me that I am daring to leave the wrapped presents where she can get them, but she doesn't touch them. 

Kroten on the other hand is super excited, and fully understands. I am pretty sure that he thinks santa is not just coming to town, but coming to stay and visit. I think he is going to be a little disappointed that he wont be here when he wakes up. 

Kman has woken up around 4 in the morning every night this week. He gets in bed with us, or asks for a drink, but I think he is really checking to see if santa came. Two different nights after the kids went to bed I wrapped a few presents and put them under the tree. You or I might not have noticed that anything had changed, but both times, the next morning k man came into our room to tell us that santa had come. Oh, buddy you are in for a treat on Christmas morning. 

We saw santa at our church party, and had two completely different reactions. 

Kem sat for two seconds and then wanted down immediately. At least she did not cry.

Kroten, just wanted to hug him...

And then tell him his whole life story...

And it was all downhill after that. Who spoiled this kid... I swear it was not me...

My absolute favorite part is that after kroten's turn he kept going up when it was other kids turns and yelling over the crowd "Santa..." Like he had something to tell him. When the crowd died down, Kroten went back up to him and asked santa if he needed any help. Santa was confused and said "oh actually I am all done and leaving." My guess is that when he was on his lap, santa asked kroten if he was being a good boy and told him to help him by being nice to his family. Because then k man responded "ok, I will just help mom to help you."

Kroten's excitement has really brought the magic of christmas back for me. I was thinking yesterday that this will be the first time in 12 years that santa has come to MY house. Glad to have him back!



BECKY said...

get some good footage in the morn. can't wait to see. :)

carizolli said...

I am so lovin' your comic strip! That's so cute! I love Kroten's expressions!