Friday, December 30, 2011

Heres to 2012

I have been anticipating this post for weeks.

I have been thinking and scribbling on little pieces of paper all week what my goals will be. Normally I try to think of one big goal, but I get disappointed every year when I fail miserably at that goal by january 15th. 

This year, I am taking a different approach, thanks to my friend hillary. I have jotted down several (I mean TONS) of goals I would like to accomplish in 2012. I wanted to call it my 2012 bucket list, but I am not planning on dyeing this year, so not sure what to call it. Maybe, 50 things to do in 2012?!?! I may not finish every goal, I may not even start some of them, but gosh darn it, I will accomplish at least one of them at some point in the year. 

So here it is... 

the 50 things I want to do in 2012:

1. Read the scriptures everyday
2. Say Personal Prayers everyday
3. Have family scripture and prayer EVERY night
4. Family Home Evening every monday
5. Loose 30 lbs. and all that this entails
6. Work out 30 min. atleast 3 times a week.
7. Save LOTS of money
8. Average one to two photo shoots each week
9. pay a full tithe
10. be a better more compassionate, loving, playful mother.
11. be a better, more compassionate, loving playful wife.
12. be a better, cleaner, neater, more determined house wife
13. get more willpower
14. memorize all 13 articles of faith
15. potty train kem
16. get Jared a career
17. work on personal progress
18. find my personal progress book
19. finish website
20. finish business cards
21. finish CD packaging. (labels, package, how to print cards, about your CD cards)
22. NO EATING OUT spontaneously. (this is our family resolution)
23. start and finish mending pile
24. finish photographing dad's slides
25. use Facebook less
26. blog once each week
27. Go to bed at 10 and read with hubby
28. get up early and work out... then read scriptures
29. get k man to stop sucking his thumb
30. get in the habit of flossing my teeth every day
31. take vitamins everyday
32. consciously drink more water everyday
33. buy and eat more whole foods
34. eat smaller portions
35. photograph 8 weddings
36. finish editing karly's pictures. 
37. advertise for senior portraits
38. sign Kroten up for baseball
39. yell less
40. stop leaving clothes on the floor
41. finish all started projects
42. Do visit teaching
43. read the ensign each month
44. run a 5k
45. Load dishes in dish washer when done eating
46. stop biting my nails
47. live on our budget
48. take more pictures of my own children
49. plan and carry out a menu each week
50. love myself more for who I am NOW!!

Wish me luck... this is going to be a productive year. Something that I am trying to learn is that it doesn't have to get done now, starting something is not bad. I often feel that if it does not get done NOW, what is the point in starting, hence the reason I need to loose so much weight. Its super annoying, and I would like to break that habbit... heres to progress!!


Katie said...

I love this post, you inspired me to work on a list for myself. I feel like I haven't made much progress from last year, but I also feel like I've changed a lot regardless. You can do anything you put your mind to Kristen, I just know it! Love ya friend!!

Mr. and Mrs. Hillarious said...

Wooo! That is a LOT of goals! Just make sure your check in with yourself (and us readers, if you want) to see how you're doing. :) Good luck my friend!

Shanna said...

You are so inspiring. Happy 2012!