Tuesday, July 06, 2010

9 months...

...and one week.
If you thought that it was possible that I could take this shot at 9 months huge, you were mistaken... Thanks sammy J for taking it for me!

I had a doctors appointment this morning and it was interesting. Apparently my blood pressure is a little high and they have been watching it the entire pregnancy, but it is creeping up. I have been getting some head aches and seeing spots occasionally, so he sounded a tiny bit worried. This is what he said...

"Your full term tomorrow, so we could just deliver then..."

There was more to his statement, but that was all I heard. In that moment, when I thought I would hear hallelujah choirs singing, my only thought was...

"NO... please no, I am totally not ready."

Ironic, seeing how I am completely miserable, right. But when it really boils down, I am not ready and this is why...
  • I have no socks or washcloths for the baby
  • I haven't had a baby shower
  • Karly's b-day is thursday
  • I started sewing a MATERNITY dress for this Saturday and that means two things...
  1. My sewing stuff is everywhere
  2. I won't be able to wear my MATERNITY dress on Saturday
  • Kroten's clothes are still in the baby's dresser
  • My house is a disaster
  • I need to do more laundry
  • I have blogging to catch up on
  • I have one more photo shoot to edit
  • WE DON'T HAVE A NAME PICKED OUT (I am not joking)
  • My hospital bag is not packed
  • Nana is coming and she is not here yet!!!!!!
  • Jared still has two more weeks of school left
  • The bassinet is not set up
  • The car seat is not in the car
  • Jared needs to finish making night stands
  • I want to make Kman curtains
  • I'm not ready to quit chocolate
  • I need to get my eye brows waxed

And there is more... seriously what would we do if we had to deliver tomorrow?

Thank goodness he said, "lets try to make it to the date, but call me if your headache lasts longer than 2 hours after taking Tylenol." That was a relief, but a good wake up call of all that needs to get done this week.

Oh and I have another ultrasound next week.

Even though it is cruel an unusual punishment to myself to post this picture I know I will get in trouble and I will regret it later if I don't, so here I am at 9 months...
Oh and this is the dress I made for the 4th.


Sam and Josh said...

Kristen! It sounds to me like you need a day of rest! We have been going going going and you need a chance to sit and put your feet up! Well hopefully you can soon! I will be there tomorrow and I can help! I love you and take care of yourself! Oh and BTW I think you might be pregnant or you are hiding the watermelon under your dress!

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

cute dress! Do you guys have any names that you like at least???? we already have our name picked out...LOL if we have a girl the next time i get prego: Scarlett Rose :) Good luck!

Katie said...

lol! At least you made a list ; ) I'd say grab some chocolate and a baby names book and forget the rest! You go girl!

Amanda said...

That first picture is awesome!

And news flash, you never feel ready for a baby. There's always a list of things that you need to do. Although you do have some pretty important items on your list that should be done before she comes (like, um, a name!). Good luck over the next few weeks!

rachel said...

Holy cow, girl!! You're going to stress yourself out. Calm down. Breathe.
Once little Miss is here, all will be well in the world and all those things on your list will seem like nothing.
Hang in there and GOOD LUCK. I can't wait to see her little face. :)

Lemme said...

crazy!! if i lived there i'd totally do everything for you so you could just relax...but i don't live there so good luck with that to do list!! you look amazing by the way.

Evan & Tricia Sanders said...

Holy cow that is the same thing that happened to me so the doctor induced me...YOu just need to relax and I mean the don't lift a finger or heck don't get out of bed type relax. Good luck and I cant wait to see this little girl.

Teresa said...

I'm so glad that you posted that picture (both pictures, actually!), because you are such a cute pregnant lady! I love the dress you made for the 4th. So cute! I think it's awesome that you do so much sewing. Do try to relax. It will all work out. Thinking of you....

Jed and Amanda said...

You are so cute, I love the dress!! I am so excited for you cute baby girl to come :) I wonder if she will have red hair?

BECKY said...

all i can say is you had better start nesting! best wishes... only two weeks tops left!