Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am ELATED to announce...

I have officially resigned my position... I QUIT!

Actually I did that 5 months ago, but I told them I would stay until they have someone oreiented to my position. Unfortunitly that took 4 months. Well three months to hire and one to train. YUCK, it has been a horrible last few months. My body just can't take the night shift thing, and it has only gotten worse as the pregnancy has progressed. First I was sick as a dog with morning sickness, and ever since, I have had cold after cold and runny nose after stuffy nose. It has been interesting to be sick so much, I normaly have the imune system of a tiger. And sleep is getting more difficult, as would be expected at 6 months pregnant, so that adds a whole new kink to the mixture.

But, I am D . O . N . E ... done.

Since I knew I would be working a while (I didnt expect this long)I had NO desire to make, let alone keep, any new years resolutions. But I have been thinking alot about some areas that I personally need to improve on. So I have decided to make some new yous resolutions since quiting my job really is going to be a new me. I know you all want to know what they are, and I know y ou all are going to hold me to it.

1. Read scriptures daily
2. Say personal prayers more dilligently
3. play with k man more (he is demanding more and more attention these days and I havent quite picked up on his groove.)
4. Clean the house more as a priority and KEEP IT CLEAN.
5. Finish all started or planned sewing projects
6. Do my prenatal yoga everyday (till baby comes)
7. (6 weeks after baby) WORK OUT and DIET... lose it baby (there is a lot more goals where this one comes from.)
8. Do more food storage
9. make and carry out a menu each month
10. Go to the temple once a month
11. Have Family Home Evening every Monday
12. And since it will take more day light to compleat it all, I would like to get up at 630 to start my day before the boys get up. (we will see if this one works out.)
13. Floss my teeth every day

A shout out to my hubby, he is the most motivating man in the world. Jared made a new years resolution to not drink any soda till his birthday. Well that day came and went and he has still not drank any soda. On May first Jared will be soda free for 4 months. That is 120 days. If he can do that, I certanly can read my scriptures and play with my K man more.


Jackie said...

Kristen, you can totally do these!!! And I am so happy for you that you don't have to go to work anymore! Yeah! That means more play time! You are welcome to come over and play at our park any time! And I promise to keep Ryan under control from now on! :-)

BECKY said...

Woot! Great list! And DONE? WOW!

Matthew and Hillary said...

You can do it! It's so nice when a big stress is out of your life, huh? Yay for you!

Deidra Smith said...

I emailed your dad today and told him that I had recieved pics from you for my reunion project, and then i got on my computer and realized I hadn't (I guess i look at your blog often enough that i knew i had seen pictures from you recently:) anyways. would you send me some pics of you your hubby and k man that I can put in my video? I would really appreciate it. my email is

BECKY said...

Okay so I'm totally confused. On my reader thing there are posts from you pretty often that when I click on your blog to read them; they aren't there. Do you delete them or is there something wrong on my end?

BECKY said...

GOTCHA! No worries, I was just like, "Okay something is weird with her blog... this doesn't happen with other people!" As for cloth pads... you know me-- AMAZON WOMAN! Funny thing... I totally thought that was what they looked like when I took the picture and I was kinda grossed out. :)

Katie said...

So awesome!! I'm going to copy your list, k?? You are the best!!