Thursday, February 02, 2012

check up...

Like I said when I set my goals. Some will never be touched, but if I set 50 goals, maybe one will get accomplished. 

I just wanted to do a little check in to see how I am doing and if nothing else, remind myself what I set out to accomplish...

1. Read the scriptures everyday - Check. 
2. Say Personal Prayers everyday - not quite as big of a check, but doing really good.
3. Have family scripture and prayer EVERY night - this one is easy because it is part of our bedtime routine but still want to make sure to do it. 
4. Family Home Evening every monday - 2 out of 4. Not bad. 
5. Loose 30 lbs. and all that this entails - HAHA.. I mean working on it. 
6. Work out 30 min 3 X a week. - ummm not quite, I think I may have worked out 3 times since the beginning, but you must know that is pretty good. 
7. Save LOTS of money - working on it, but not seeing too much progress. 
8. Average one to two photo shoots each week - not starting this one till later in the year... it is cold outside. 
9. pay a full tithe - just keep trucking a long.
10. be a better more compassionate, loving, playful mother. - working on it... nothing to exciting to report. Just trying everyday.
11. be a better, more compassionate, loving playful wife. - same story as above.
12. be a better, cleaner, neater, more determined house wife - we are moving in 20 days... that makes this one very difficult. But still trying and doing ok. 
13. get more willpower - this may take more than one year. HAHA. 
14. memorize all 13 articles of faith - k man and I were working on number 4 just yesterday.
15. potty train kem - she sits on it for longer than two seconds. I think that is an improvement.
16. get Jared a career - working on it.
17. work on personal progress - not really. maybe I should focus on this one. 
18. find my personal progress book - check
19. finish website - check... and SOOOO PROUD for finishing it. YES!!!!
20. finish business cards _ at the printer as we speak. Check. 
21. finish CD packaging. (labels, package, how to print cards, about your CD cards) - working working working. 
22. NO EATING OUT spontaneously. (this is our family resolution) CHECK!!!
23. start and finish mending pile. HAHA. 
24. finish photographing dad's slides not yet. will come soon enough.
25. use Facebook less - actually check. I am surprised that I have been pretty good at this one. 
26. blog once each week - ummm no.
27. Go to bed at 10 and read with hubby read with hubby check... bed at 10 not so much. 
28. get up early and work out... then read scriptures - NOPE!!! Big fat FAIL!
29. get k man to stop sucking his thumb - he is doing ok... but he stil does it when he is tired or in bed.
30. get in the habit of flossing my teeth every day - not every day, but I have flossed more lately than ever.
31. take vitamins everyday - working on it... it is hard to remember.
32. consciously drink more water everyday - not so good.
33. buy and eat more whole foods - doing pretty good. I am trying really really hard.
34. eat smaller portions - trying. 
35. photograph 8 weddings - have a consultation next tuesday for #1. So excited.
36. finish editing karly's pictures. - :( need to do this.
37. advertise for senior portraits - thinking of ideas. Need to work on this.
38. sign Kroten up for baseball - hmm... was just thinking about this the other day. Need to do it.
39. yell less - doing ok on this one. I think. 
40. stop leaving clothes on the floor - doing better. still needs work. 
41. finish all started projects - nope.
42. Do visit teaching - nope.
43. read the ensign each month - our subscription ran out so nope.
44. run a 5k - haha. 
45. Load dishes in dish washer when done eating - working on it... we will get there. 
46. stop biting my nails - ongoing project, but doing ok. 
47. live on our budget - ugh this one gives me heart burn. We can do it. 
48. take more pictures of my own children - trying.
49. plan and carry out a menu each week - failed this last week but did pretty good the other weeks. 
50. love myself more for who I am NOW!! - a work in progress for sure.

Actually I am feeling pretty good about all that I have accomplished already. I got my website done, and my business cards should come in the mail soon and we have not eaten out AT ALL so far. Feeling pretty good. 

One month down... 11 to go. 


Mr. and Mrs. Hillarious said...

Good job Kristen! Keep up the good work!

BECKY said...

moving? more deets!

Katie said...

Your my hero, and number 5 cracked me right up, and number 13. We are a lot alike ; ) Miss ya!!!!!!