Saturday, February 18, 2012

Things that make me squeal and stomp my feet really fast.

Yes, I admit that when I get excited, I do a little happy dance. My heart flutters to my throat, I squeal a little and I stomp my feet really fast. Then I compose myself so no one suspects a thing.

I can't be 100% sure, but I think NO ONE (not even my husband) has ever seen this happen. But it does... on a regular basis. 

What makes this happen?

  • Thinking about the possibility of one day in the far distant future going to disney land or on another cruise.
  • Moving to our new house in one week. (more on that one later)
  • Realizing a date night will begin in mere hours.
  • extra vitamin D 
  • clean linens on my bed
  • a sneak peek of spring in february
  • receiving an expected parcel in the mail
  • a good hair day
  • booking a photo shoot
  • seeing a good number on the scale
  • anticipation of tasty food
  • accompishing a long time goal (ex. finishing my website)
  • my husband coming home after work
  • a clean house
  • really really loud rain

I am positive there are more, but I just needed a little happy list to hold me over for the week.

Life can be is good... I am trying hard to see that more often. 

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Mama B said...

LOVE this post!!! You are awesome!