Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I finally finished my website!!!!!

Go check it out.


It is pretty awesome, but I am biased. 

I need feedback though... Please let me know the good the bad and the ugly. So I can make changes. 

Or you can just tell me it is beautiful. ;)

SO EXCITED... can't believe it is FINALLY done!


Deidra Smith said...

I went to just take a peek. But, that never works. I end up scrolling through all your stuff. I LOVE your work. And only wish I could take advantage of your great prices. The website looks great!

Katie said...

LOVE it!! I agree with Diedra, I wish I lived closer to you and your skillz!!! Beautiful website Kristen, you are awesome! I especially love the pictures of you, GORGEOUS!!!

Teresa said...

Terrific! The website is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing, and the photographs are phenomenal! I agree with Katie. The pictures of you are wonderful!

Tammy said...

Love it... now I want to convince you to come visit in March/April so I can use your skills... don't you want some beachy shots with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background for your portfolio?
Truly, though, it looks great!

ErinandShane said...

I love everything about your site, the background, the simplicity, the scrolling and simple text. The photographs are awesome, naturally. I would triple check the spelling on John Lennon's quote: your is suppose to be you're (you are) just a FYI.

love your face and good luck!