Monday, February 20, 2012

Hi my name is kem kem and I am an addict.

Its true... she is addicted to her plug and blanket.

It is her source of comfort and rest. She won't sleep without them and when in distress, she calls out to them in a drawn out desperate sounding cry, nay plea, for her things... "plu..." and "ble..."

She often will sign for them, tapping her flat hand on her lips and pretending to pull the covers up to her chin. It is unmistakable what she is asking for. 

Once she has them in her grasp she immediately shoves the plug in her mouth and puts the blanket to her nose. If you are privileged, while cuddling with her, she will rub said blanket on your cheek to show you how soft it is, almost to say "see, you would want it too if it was yours."

she is cute... and unfortunately, she knows it...


Katie said...

What a cutie!!

BECKY said...

aww that's cute she loves them so much! i loved my blanket that much too when i was little :)

Kendra said...

Ellie is the exact same way. She does not want me when she is said or hurt until he has her binky and her blankie. She is turning 2 in may and I want her off of the binky by then, so we have started making her leave it in the car when we go places. She does alright for the first few minutes, but usually halfway through the store she freaks and cries for it until we get back to the car.