Friday, February 24, 2012

Big move... big boy!

K man is so excited about our move.

Thank goodness, because I was worried it would take an emotional toll on him.

Today is our big packing day and tomorrow is the big move. K man has been really worried about all the details for two weeks now. He had made sure everything important gets in boxes even putting his favorite toys in boxes just so we don't forget them. Last night he had a dream that we took down Kem's bed but not his. So today he is helping take it all down. He is even taking screws out all by himself. Such a big boy.

I am feeling very blessed in this whole move, But I will post more on that later.


Katie said...

K-man's shirt is RAD! Orange and baseball, what a winner!! Can't wait to hear more about the move, that is always exciting!

BECKY said...

Can't wait to hear details! And I hope things go fab for you tomorrow!