Tuesday, November 23, 2010

gratitude {day 23}

Went to Jared's brothers wedding... Instead of staying with the fam for thanksgiving, we drove home for ONE CLASS so Jared could get the extra credit for having 100% attendance. Drove all night, in a blizzard, zero visibility, over a pass that was encouraged to avoid, 30 MPH, stopped to help an overturned car, kroten cried from 10 pm till 2 am because his ears hurt, it snowed all the way home... and his class was CANCELLED!!!

But it is ok, because, we are alive and we get to stay inside all day and eat chili and corn bread. I am grateful for that.



Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

glad you got home safe! You'll have to post some pictures of jamison's wedding...i can't believe he's married...that's crazy! (I still think of him as little - maybe because when they moved it was before he went on amission...)

Kim said...

Wow, glad you guys are OK--nobody should have been out driving in that. Don't you hate it when school gets cancelled when you make such an effort to be there, ugh!

Gotta love traveling with children :)