Friday, May 28, 2010

who birthday is today???



Where have the last two years gone? How did you get so big, and so smart and so cute? How did that happen? How did you learn to talk? Who taught you to make me laugh so hard? When did you learn to pray? How did you learn to walk, run, play, jump? When did you get so many teeth? When did that all happen?

How did you have time in the little time we have had together to turn two??



I will forever and ever and ever...

Love mommy.


Katie said...

So sweet! Realizing how fast it goes will make you hold the next one that much tighter... promise! Happy B-Day Kroten!

teamZ said...

Wow that's amazing! Happy Birthday to Kroten. Time never slows down; you're always wondering how they got as old as they are.

Kim said...

2! It really does seem like our little guys were just born. He is so beyond cute, good work guys...I expect great things for your little girl :)

P.S.- Did you take that photo? What a great picture- it's priceless.

BECKY said...

SO STINKING CUTE. Happy Bday Troten!