Sunday, May 02, 2010



- is 35'' tall and 26 lbs. and his head is huge 20''
- ditched the highchair for the booster seat
- can go up and down the stairs all by himself
- says "tada" when he burps
- went poop on the potty ONCE
- loves trains and planes and cars
- knows that we read scriptures before bed and then say prayer
- is a bully, he punched his cousin yesterday
- still thinks the baby is in his tummy
- LOVES to rough house and wrestle
- says that everything mommy wears is "cuuute"
- still insists on wearing a hat
- loves baseball and watches it on ESPN with daddy
- plays the Wii along side daddy and won't let mommy play
- loves to video chat with Jema, nanna and carol
- says "ow-side" nonstop
- still hates nursery
- sits in the laundry basket and says "push! push!"
- says "help you" instead of "help me"
- loves candles and blowing them out
- is learning his colors, but everything is either yellow or purple
- can count to 5 sometimes skips 3
- sometimes goes all the way to 7,9, TEN!!!
- W is his favorite letter and it is followed by Y, ZEEEE!!
- has been saying "dangit" lately
- is scared of the vacuum
- has been biting himself in an act of rebellion
- goes straight to bed, if we do his whole bed time routine
- has more energy than a wild animal
- can say prayer with help, but he signs every word he says
- has never climbed out of his crib (thank goodness)
- Loves Shoes and says "shoon-on" over and over
- gets into mommies makeup and says "pretty"
- is ALL boy
- loves to watch V, but only when he thinks it is bed time
- thinks the "puter" (computer) is so cool.
- asks to watch signing time ALL THE TIME!
- HAS to sleep with two animals and a sippy of water
- is the cutest most wonderful boy in the world
- gets on my last nerve sometimes


Katie said...

Oh I love this so much! Kroten and Ral would totally be best buds : ) But everything is either orange or green over here, haha!

DaNae said...

I totally picture my little guy looking like this when he is big! I just adore his red hair and think he is so so so cute! You make some cute babies!

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

when I saw his picture i thought, aww, what a cutie!

BECKY said...

loved the list :)
what a fun boy!!!

Ging said...

What a fantastic list. Congratulations on reaching marital preschool bliss. Your blog is wonderful and I am still waiting to hear your epiphany about mine. I sent you an e-mail- did you get it?