Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Toxic Synovitis

Sorry, no wordless wednesday today. I wanted to get this posted while it is still relevant news.

Two days ago, Kroten started complaining that his knee hurt. "knee, owie... hurt" A few hours later he stopped walking. I thought he was just being a little over dramatic about a bruise he may have gotten while at grandmas house. He reverted back to crawling for the rest of the night. The next morning he continued to crawl and refused to walk.

I am not the kind of mom that calls the doctor at the first sign of pain, but unfortunately I tend to be the kind of mom that calls too late, like when kroten had hives and by the time we FINALLY went to the doctor, it was gone and now we have no idea what he had an allergic reaction to, that one is a fun constant watch for me now. Any who, I decided I better call the doctor to see if this no walking thing should be a concern. Well, they told us to come right in. Long story short, they diagnosed him with Toxic Synovitis. Which she said sounds scary, but hopefully it is a minor case. In english it is basically a cold in the hip. Weird I know. It is just inflammation and mucus yuckiness in the hip joint. She said that most of the time, children will say the pain is in their knee when it is really in the hip. Makes more sense, since he was able to crawl on his knees. She told us to give him IB profin for the inflammation and to call her tomorrow. If it isn't any better, we need to do some blood work.

Ok thank-you lets leave now.... NOPE!

You know how the sheet you fill out before you see the doctor asks you all these stupid questions that dont relate to the condition you are seeing them for like, "does you two year old son have a missed or irregular period?"

Well, Kroten just happened to have some eye discharge the last couple of days, so I circled it. As we were getting ready to walk out, she asked about it and I explained it to her. She said, "let me check out his ears." Makes sense, his knee hurts, its a hip problem, his eyes are goopy, she wants to look at his ears, OK? Anyway, it turns out he has a double ear infection as well. The eye crap is drainage from his ears. I haven't noticed any ear problems, except he has been waking up in the middle of the night for about a week. Thank goodness for silly questions that don't relate to the actual problem.

This is a very mild and cleaned up look at his eyes. Funny how they get worse after the doctor tells you what is wrong.

So now we are on a twice a day medicine regimen where I pump K-man with 4 different liquids.

Lets just say that we will be taking it easy today.

PS. Kroten is walking today, which means no more doctor, and I woke up this morning with a HUGE charley horse. Jared thought I was in labor. LOL! (the pain wasn't so funny.)


BECKY said...

Oh my gosh I'm so glad you called. When I read your status yesterday I thought it was a joke and I laffed; I'm so sorry!! He looks in pure pain in that video... I almost cried!
Sounds like he is on the mend though, PHEW!! Stay healthy Kroten J!
And oh my heck, I hear you on the charlie horses.... :( :( :( They are the WORST to deal with. :( I had one last night too. They make me want to cry!

Jackie said...

I am so sorry that you and Kroten have to go through this. PLease give me a call if you need anything!!!

Katie said...

Ouchie!!! Good job taking him to the dr, I don't like to call first thing either. You are such an awesome mom! Feel better Kroten!!

Roberta said...

Motherhood is a roller coaster, isn't it? I am also one of those "When absolutely EVERYTHING else fails, try a DR" Mom's. Good thing you did though...
Charley horses - OWWW! Hope your day is better!

Tara Barros said...

oh poor little guy! good thing you called the doctor! I am kind of like you - I don't worry about things until it's too late.

Ging said...

This sounds terrible. I am glad he is already walking again. Hang in there little mama.

Eric and Jessica said...

OOh man that sounds miserable! Hope he gets better soon. He is so cute, I LOVED The videos on your last post too. Wish we were closer.

Jed and Amanda said...

Poor guy!! That is no fun at all. He still looks adorable though, despite being sick :) Oh and by the way, I REALLY feel for you about that Charlie Horse. I had never had one before I was pregnant and when I woke up in the middle of the night to it, I thought I was dying. I woke Jed up because I didn't know what was happening and he informed me of what it was. So...basically I feel really really bad for you having to go through those right now but she will be totally worth all these aches and pains. I am pretty sure the more uncomfortable you are now, the cuter she is!!