Sunday, May 16, 2010

Here fishy fishy

The park near our house had a free fishing day. To be honest it was kinda lame. They had maybe 50 fish wrangled of in a 6x6 square in the kiddie pool, and there was probably 60 kids plus both of their parents crowded around the pool trying to catch these fish.

I am pretty sure that Kroten and Xander loved it though. Xander just wanted to cast his line in, and all Kroten cared about was reeling it in, I think he liked the clicking noise the reel made.

Together with another kid, they caught one fish, I think it was officially on Kroten's hook, but there were three lines tangled together when it came in. A fun saturday activity, better than sitting around watching "VT" that is for sure.

Kroten loves his Papa.

I love Xander's face in this shot, I think he was thoroughly disgusted by the fish.

Jared is my man, I would NEVER ever touch a fish!

Love that boy, I think he may be a fisherman.


And of course we can't go to the park without playing.


Gina Hurst said...

That looks like a fun family adventure. I wish we could have been there.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Kroten holding the fish on the line. So adorable.

BECKY said...

That pic of him holding the fish is SO cute!!!

Kirsten said...

Always the cutest pics ever. Love you!!!