Thursday, February 11, 2010

on v-day, apartments and stuff

We have kept pretty busy lately, so there is not too much to post on, outside of our daily goings. So I will just journal about what life has been like for the past few days.

apartment hunting
Sadly, we are looking at apartments. I say sadly because we LOVE our apartment. It is perfect in EVERY possible way, except one; it is only two bedrooms. Some people might be okay with this, but after meddling over it, time and time again, I have come to the conclusion that it just wont work. We are HUGE on the cry it out method, and I just don't see how it is possible to cry it out when Kroten is trying to sleep in the same room. Plus getting up for night feedings, I know Kroten would wake up for every single one too. We just don't know how it would work. And there is NO way the baby is sleeping in our room for more than 2 1/2 months. After that, you have to cut the cord and a baby must learn to self soothe. How does anyone who co-sleeps get any sleep, or for that matter, time with there spouse. This is a topic for another day, and I obviously feel passionate about it.

So after searching for apartments, we have found NOTHING. OK, we found one, great location, newer building, 3 BR, washer and dryer, storage unit, within our measly price range... the list could continue, except it had no dining room. No place to eat, no place to sit as a family or play board games with friends. We were super sad about this and just don't see how that would work either. With Kroten moving to a booster seat and having a new baby eventually in a high chair, why would you build an apartment with out a dining room?

So for now, our decision is to stay in our perfect apartment, save the money we would spend on an extra room, call the living room bedroom number three and sport one of these for a while...

Things are getting better. I will post more on this and a picture later. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and found out some interesting things...

1. I only gained one more lb. WHOOHOO. This means that I am still 3 lbs under my starting pregnancy weight. This is sure to change as I am starting to feel better and my appetite and cravings will soon take over.

2. I told the doctor that I am officially for a repeat c-section and he agreed that it is probably best after looking at the operative notes from my first C-section. He then scheduled the C-section for the 21st of July. I didn't really have time to say yes or no, he just said would that work and I said I think so, and boom it was scheduled. That is a week early which I am SO OK WITH, and it is also Jared's mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma.

3. we find out the sex of the baby (send your boy vibes please) in one month. Wow, I am SO excited. March 8 in case you will be watching and waiting.

Oh I could write for a year about Kroten. He is at the BEST age right now. He sleeps like a rock, 8-8 every night, and takes wonderful naps. He is really into books right now. He loves shoes, hats, mommy and daddy, signing time, food (especially sweets) tickling everyone, wresting and running. He can count to two and does it all the time. He shows his belly when you ask him where the baby is. He is super silly and laughs at himself all the time. He says NO NO when he knows he isn't supposed to do something. He is a bundle of joy and at the perfect age, I have nothing to complain about him right now. I am so in love with him.

Valentines day
last year for love day we packed up and headed to the coast with my family. Not very romantic, but it was a blast. I was thinking about how fun that trip was, and decided that I wanted to do it again. So that is exactly what we are going to do. We leave Saturday, I am giddy excited. I love the beach. Jared and I will be celebrating our own V-day next Tuesday, that is the day he purposed 4 years ago.

But this part of the post is for Katie... She has been my inspiration in crafting lately. I have been putting off all my crafts till I am not working night shift anymore, but i simply could not resist these fun love day crafts. It was a nice break from the normal day to day.

my heart garland. Katie made a cute one of these too, that is where I got the idea. here is the tutorial that katie directed me to.

I have been wanting to make a bunting for a while now, this one was short and simple. I will be making more of these in the future.

And my love letters. I actually started these last year and just finished them this year. I love them, but the V won't stand up. Cute none the less. {a dining room center piece wouldn't be a center piece without a John Deere cup in the background to keep it company, right.

So that is what is going on!


Katie said...

I love this post! You are super crafty Kristen!! PS I really love the pack in play, I told Steve I want the carseat with the same print, the elephants are so cute!! Anyways, sending plenty of "boy" vibes your way!!!

Teresa said...

I love reading your blog. It's fun keeping up with your life. Cute bunting! Did you sew the letters on? I have opened an Etsy shop, and am selling buntings. I need to get more creative with my ideas, though. I really like your love bunting!

Enjoy your time at the coast this weekend!

Tara Barros said...

hey! You should put up instructions for your adorable heart garland! I LOVE that and totally want to do it now! Good luck on the apartment!!

The Penningtons said...

I think the "V" is perfectly cute fallen over the way it is.

Tara Barros said...

thank you!

Meg said...

So I guess the apartments in our ward with the dining room didn't work. Boo. :(

rachel said...

I like your "LOVE" sign with the V on its side. cute.