Tuesday, February 16, 2010

four years ago...

four years and two weeks ago, Jared and I had a serious talk about life and where things were going. It was then that he told me that he was not ready to be married, that he was scared and that it wasn't time.

four years, one week and five days ago, I was mad.

four years and two days ago, valentines day, Jared decorated my bedroom with balloons and chocolate. A valentines day present a girl who just got told "it may be a while" would expect.

four years ago, today, Jared and I drove to the coast for a day trip that had been planned for a while. You would think for such a big day I would have expected something, but when we went through the tunnel and I wished that jared would purpose, I wasn't truly expecting anything. What could a girl who just got told, "it may be a while" expect.

little did I know that four years and two weeks ago, Jared was lying through his teeth to cover up his master surprise plan.

little did I know that two days ago, four years before now, jared was taking my dad, my quiet and SCARY father, out to lunch. YES, on valentines day, YES, to my favorite restaurant, YES, to steal away his daughter, NO, I had NO idea.

And little did I know, that two years ago, today, while I was hopelessly wishing in the tunnel for a ring, that Jared also was wishing that today, four years ago, would go well.

And it did.

We ran our kite on the beach, because there was no wind, and when we were tired, and the car was too far away to walk back to, we sat on some drift wood and he knelt down and said "I love you and I want you to be my wife."

Photobucket four years ago today... Jared made me the happiest girl alive.

I love this man with all my heart, and I can't believe that four years later, today, we have the most beautiful son, and a baby on the way. We couldn't be happier if you gave us a million dollars and I LOVE HIM!

So tonight we celebrate!

The kind of celebrate where you get a babysitter and sit down while you order your food. The kind of celebrate where you reminisce and where you make plans for the next four years. The kind of celebrate where I tell Jared just how happy he makes me and that the last four years have been amazing.

And then, tomorrow, we go back to real life, but just as happy as I am today.


Katie said...

Ok, I got goosebumps when I read this! What a beautiful story!! Great post Kristen : )

Jed and Amanda said...

I can't help but feel just a little bit responsible...ha ha! I know you love it when I say that. Happy engagement anniversary :)

Teresa said...

I loved this post. What a great engagement story. I'm so happy that you found a good man, and that you are living such a happy life!

Sarachel said...

cute! You two are adorable.

Matthew and Hillary said...

Cute story. Way to go Jared!

Kenz said...

that was a way good story!! Loved it!

Kim said...

Wow, that was the most romantic thing I have ever read. You guys really like each other don't you :)

rachel said...


what a sweet and romantic post.

i love it.