Thursday, August 13, 2015

Maui - Day 8 last day ho'okepa

Can you guess what we did on our last day in Maui? Yep, we sat on the beach and did nothing! It was blissful. 

We went back to ho'okepa. There were so many sea turtles. At one point there were 7 turtles on the shore and two seals. There are always volunteered or conservation staff on the beach to watch the animals since both of these are endangered. One of the turtles had fishing line on its fin, but he went back in the water before a specialist could come. Jared got in the water with his snorkel and followed it until they could come save the day.
Can you tell which are rocks and which are turtles? I had a hard time even in person. I set up my chair and didn't realize I sat down right next to a turtle. I thought he was a rock. 

My shark bite wound...ok it was just a rock scrape, but shark but sounds better.

Then we went and bummed around the shops in paia. There was a cute shop with the hilarious cards. I could have sat there for hours reading them. 

We went to flat bread pizza in paia. It was super organic and hippy, reminded me of home. It was good, but I wish we had gone to something a little more Hawaii. I think we were tired and all fooded out by this point as well. 

Sad as it is to leave paradise, I am ready to go home to the rain, cooler weather and my babies. 

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