Thursday, August 13, 2015

Maui - day 5 breakfast and beach time

My sister told us about this little cafe in Kihei called Kihei cafe. She raved about this hole in the wall joint and I was just sure that it could not live up to her hype. I was absolutely and completely proven wrong. It was awesome. Our advice, dont worry about what to order... Just order the French toast. Easy!
All of our food was amazing but the French toast... Is there a word for better than amazing? Well, the French toast was that!!

After breakfast we walked around wilea a little bit. Let's just put wilea this way, I doubt I will ever in my life time be able to afford to stay there. It was beautiful but... Yeah. 

We got a massage which was super relaxing and then we spent the rest of the day crossing off the rest of my Maui todo list, sit on the beach and do nothing!

We bounced to a few different beaches but landed at ulua, which is the beach we looked at at sunset. It was awesome and my favorite Hawaii beach so far. It had a little bit of everything.

Secret cove. This was a cute little beach that was tucked away. We would have stayed except it was high tide and the waves were a little rough. 

Then we watched another beautiful sunset. 

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