Thursday, August 13, 2015

Maui - Day 3 Wedding day

Day three was the wedding that I was photographing. I didn't have to be to Kihei until 2 so we went to the up country farmers market with my brother in the morning. We spent a ton of money but came home with some awesome produce and some fun experiences. We went at 8 am so I thought I was safe from the heat and wore my hair down. It didn't take long for it to get hot and sweaty. Sadly this was the first of many realizations that my frizzy hair does not like the humidity of Maui. 
We bought lots of produce but among them, some of the coolest were...

A baby pineapple. It tasted like heaven. 
Drinking coconut. Loved this. It is supposed to be super hydrating and very healthy. 

We bought two different types of lilikoi. These are also known as passion fruit. One of them was soft and sweet and absolutely delicious. The other was maybe the sourest thing I have ever eaten. I did not like that one. Jared did. 

Lychee. They are like little grapes with a peel and a pit. Super sweet. We liked them a lot. They have a very short season, so we got lucky to try them. 

Then we came home and made the most amazing smoothie. Seriously so good. 

The wedding was beautiful. It was held on a. Private beach called Tavares bay. Apparently the family of the groom are very prominent in Maui and have lived there over 100 years. The grooms great grandfather planted the palm trees after he bought the property for $500. Grandpa Tavares was more then happy to share the history of the place. It was neat to hear it. 

Jared went and played with a turtle on the beach while I took portraits. A few kids had to inform Jared of Hawaiian law in regards to the turtles. 

It was by far the hottest day with 100% humidity. I wish I knew what the temp was, because it was probably the hottest I have ever been. I was dripping in sweat by the end of the day, and that was at night time. Regardless of the heat, it was a beautiful wedding. Glad it was hot and not raining. 

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