Friday, April 08, 2011

epic fail!

I take pictures of people for a living. (the term living is used loosely)
Its what I do, its what I love.
But I don't really have a ton of formal portraits of my own children. (You know, the dentist's kids have the worst teeth, the teacher's kids don't know math, the photographers kids don't get photographed.)

So I decided that I would take my kids to some cool location and do a special photo shoot of them. They got all spiffy and we drove to the county. Kroten repeated the entire way, "were going to the photo shoot." I think he was excited to finally see where I go each saturday. 
After having this experience, I now know why the photographers kids don't get photographed. Lets just say it didn't go well.
I won't talk about scratching my foot really bad, having spiders crawl all over me, loosing the $9 eye cup from my camera and failing miserably, but I will tell you how bad it was. 
There was not ONE, not one single shot that I felt was redeemable. It was a COMPLETE waste of time. As in total failure. With every single click of the shutter one of the following things was going on. 
They were looked at me as if to say... "are you seriously going to make me do this?"

Someone was picking at their bum as if to say, "oh yeah, take a picture of this." 

After this next picture, Kem cried...the entire rest of the time, including the drive home.

Thankfully I am completely and utterly in love with these two... and this picture makes me want to cry with joy because they are mine.

And then Kroten cried the entire way home "I want to go to the photo shoot." He just couldn't wrap his head around the fact that we were just there. 


Older Moss said...

I love the last one...I want a copy!

LeaAnne said...

I LOVE the last one too! Really darling. :)

Stacy said...

I love your photography skills and cute pics of your kids! If we every make it up to Oregon, we will also be hiring you for a photo session :)

Brenley said...

oh how I feel your pain!!! And that last photo is too adorable for words!

Ashlee said...

I love the way you write. You describe things the way they are.
The pictures may not be what you were looking for but with such cute kids they still look great :)

Deidra Smith said...

You are so funny. Your every day photos are all I aspire for. You think you are not taking the kind of pics you should and yet I'm soooo jealous of the pics you post on here of your kids all the time!