Saturday, April 30, 2011

I need a vacation...

Yesterday was our fifth anniversary.

Five years ago, yesterday, we got hitched, for all eternity.

Five years ago tomorrow, we went on a cruise to catalina. 

While on said cruise, we decided that, "no matter what" we would go on a second cruise for our fifth anniversary. 

I am not on said cruise! :(

We must have thought that we would be rich, done with school, be unable to have children, not have jobs and that we would deserve it or something. I am not sure what we were thinking, but "no matter what" just doesn't work in the real world. 

To complicate things further...

Five years ago, Jared's best man drove 3107.18 miles from Boston Massachusetts to Eugene Oregon for our wedding. 

Said best man got married yesterday, on our fifth anniversary and we didn't have enough money to make the trip. I am sad because...

1. I could have been in boston (ahh, boston in the spring) on my fifth anniversary. 

2. What kind of scum are we that he DROVE across the country LITERALLY...

...for our wedding, but we couldn't make the trip.  I feel awful about it. 

And the cherry on top of it all is that I need a vacation right now more than ever. Some days I feel like ripping my own hair out just trying to maintain my life, the dishes, laundry and the kids.

I think the worst part about needing a vacation right now, is knowing that I had two, not just one, TWO trips planned for this very moment, and I am not on either of said trips. 

Needless to say... I NEED A VACATION!

On a good note, Jared made a nice toast with our sparkling cider last night. I am not 100% sure on the words, but it went something like this...

Heres to the last five years of happiness and hell and heres to five more.



Katie said...

You do need a vacation! To Charleston, South Carolina. I hear its beautiful, ok, I SAY its beautiful! "Happiness and Hell" sounds about right for us too, I think I need a big vinyl letter sign that says that on my wall. Haha. I love ya Kristen!

PS please don't rip out your hair, its beautiful! lol!

Tammy said...

Jared's toast made me laugh out loud and I totally understand the vacation thing... though I am just hoping for a good vacation at 10 years... I'll let you know in 2 years if it happens or not!

Older Moss said...

I know I am always the spoiler.

That's life!

On the positive side, 5 years ago I saw my son marry a great young woman, who loved and appreciated him greatly and that has just grown over that 5 years.
After 5 years you still have each other and two awesome children and my grandchildren (my favorite 1st and 2nd born grandchildren) and are great parents who show said children love!

Despite all this, I too need a vacation but enjoy the fact that I have an awesome daughter who makes sure that we are a part of her and her children lives and rejoice in that!

A vacation and money are great however, nothing is as great as when they hug you or you see the light come on when they understand something!

Love ya!

Stacy said...

Well said Jared, well said. I am sure Brady would fully agree with that quote, although it will only be 4 years for us.

Sleeper said...

SCUM!?! Not at all! It's a little different for a single guy to grab his brother for a cross country road trip than it is for a young married couple, going to school, with two kids, to fly cross country with little notice. I love you guys!