Monday, April 18, 2011

I can't wait for the sun to shine so we can go hiking. I already have big plans for our summer of hiking.

A few weeks ago, we tried to go hiking, it was a little pre-mature, but it was fun.

Cold and wet, but fun. 

Kman is a little hiker. He just wanted to keep going, up and up.  When Jared and I were thinking about turning back, kroten was still running up the hills. He hiked probably 2 miles that day.

Kroten really wanted to take a picture of kem and I. It makes me super nervous to let him have my camera, but I let him try...

Nice cropping Kman.

So daddy helped him out a bit. 

Summer, we are waiting!


Katie said...

Kristen you are so cute!! Those shots Kroten took are very artsy, lol! I bet hiking in OR is fun and not sweltering hot, humid and buggy like over here haha.

Michele Alger said...

I LOVE it! You look SO good Kristen! Beautiful.

Krazy Karly said...

you two are so dang cute :)

Ging said...

Good for you. Love the photos as usual and you are glowing- positively.